SEC Football: Alabama Will Win Out, And Win The SEC Title

New Look Alabama

Going into Saturday I expected the Alabama/LSU game to be a very close, physical football game like in years past. Alabama did not play a great game on Saturday, but they found a way to win in the most hostile environment on the road with their SEC Title hopes on the line. I saw Blake Sims become a leader in the final drive, and I saw a bend-don’t-break defense bow their necks to hold LSU to key field goal when they had first and goal from the 6. This is not the same Ol’ Alabama I have come accustomed to watching, but last night proved to me that it is most certainly not a bad thing.


Dreams Do Come True In Death Valley 

We heard all week that Alabama is a different team on the road, and there is a lot of truth in that statement. Alabama lost to Ole Miss on the road, played poorly against Arkansas, and let UT come within 14 points in Knoxville. If I were a betting man, I think it would have been a safe bet to say that Alabama would have lost in Baton Rouge at night. Did Alabama play a great game? No, but every time these two meet it is a knock down drag out fight. When TJ Yeldon fumbled on his own 6 yard line with only 1:38 left in the game, I honestly felt like someone put a knife in my heart, because I knew LSU would score and ruin our Title hopes. Instead, our defense shut them down and forced a big field goal to put the Tigers ahead. That should have been the nail in the coffin considering Alabama’s recent success on the road, and now they are in Death Valley where “opponents dreams come to die”!


Instead of folding, Blake Sims engineered one of the most impressive drives of the season to lift the Tide. Blake Sims has been one of the more criticized QBs in recent memory, but the guy just keeps winning. He had 56 seconds to lead Alabama down the field against the SEC’s best past defense (YPG). Sims escaped the pass rush several times, and through smart, sideline passes to keep the clock from running. Sims is not the best QB Alabama has ever had, but this guy is a true winner, who just shocked the LSU Tigers in Death Valley to keep the Tide’s Title hopes alive.


Sweet Home Alabama 

Now, the Crimson Tide return home for their final three games where they have been unbeatable this season. Mississippi State comes to town this weekend, and the Crimson Tide have opened as a 6.5 point favorite. You did not read that wrong, Alabama is a 6.5 point favorite over the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION. Vegas must know that Blake Sims, and Alabama have a certain level of confidence in Bryant-Denny, because 6.5 is quite a spread against a team that is unbeaten. Alabama gets State, and Auburn in Tuscaloosa to close out the regular season. With Blake Sims improving each and every week, and Alabama’s defense finally establishing an identity, I love the Tide’s chances of wining out and capturing another SEC Title.







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