Alabama Doesn’t Need Pants To Win, Georgia Tech Has The Best/Worst Play Of The Year, And More

HA, Pantsed!

A LSU player tried to pull Reggie Ragland’s pants down during the game on Saturday. That sentence is one I never would have dreamed of typing, but it happened. I did not notice it during the game because I happened to be biting my finger nails and shouting obscenities at the TV for most of the night, but thanks to the guys over at Saturday Down South we get to see it and all its glory. This game took years off my life, but Alabama escaped a very tough environment and did so with only one player getting his pants pulled down. Roll Tide. Here is the full video.


Florida Player Quits (Reference His Tweet Above)

Defensive lineman Leon Orr of Florida got on a bus from Nashville to Gainesville after finding out that he would not start against Vandy. What a team player this Orr guy is. Instead of rooting for a guy making the start over him, he boards a bus for home because clearly football is not about the “team”, but about individual accomplishments. My hat is off to Muschamp for coming out this morning and saying Orr is no longer on the team. You cannot have guys like that around your team, especially when you have an outside chance to make it to Atlanta. Here is the full story.


Georgia Tech Gonna Georgia Tech 

Say what you will about Georgia Tech, but they have been a pretty impressive team in the ACC this year. Listen, I know most of you will scoff and say “Yeah, how would they do in the big, bad, SEC East?”, I cannot answer that, but Georgia needs to be ready when they travel to Athens on Senior Night. Not everything in Atlanta has been great this season, and this past saturday a play so amazing can only be described as ACC Football Blunders. This reminds me of George Teague vs Miami, but with less on the line. Here is the full video of the crazy play.




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