SEC Football: Will Alabama’s Playoff Dreams Go To Die In Death Valley?

Times Have Changed

Alabama and LSU have been one of the more fierce rivalries over the past five years. The reason for this has been the fact that the winner has typically gone on to win the SEC West. This year is a little different considering the up and down season the Tigers have had, but none-the-less it will prove to be an intense game that should be settled late in the fourth quarter.

Winning Formula

LSU seems to have finally figured out that they have to run the football to be successful. Is it because they have great running backs? No, not really. Is it because they have two of the worst passing QBs in the SEC? Absolutely. I thought Hutson Mason was a pretty bad QB, but Anthony Jennings ranks 12th in total QB statistics with only Jeff Driskell and one of the terrible Vandy QBs behind him. LSU has finally found a formula to win.( Running The Football)(Good Defense)/Eat Grass = Victory. That exact formula led to LSU upsetting Ole Miss two weeks ago, and sent shock waves through the SEC West.


Defensive Rankings Based On Average Rush Yards

  1. Penn State: 77.2  Opp. Rush Yards Per Game
  2. Alabama: 77.62  Opp. Rush Yards Per Game
  3. Louisville: 80.33 Opp. Rush Yards Per Game
  4. Boston College: 88.78 Opp. Rush Yards Per Game
  5. Utah State: 89.90 Opp. Rush Yards Per Game


Alabama can stop the run. They have proven it week in and week out, so I believe Anthony Jennings will have to make plays for LSU to have a chance in this game. He does not have to complete a great percentage of passes, but he will have to extend plays with his legs for LSU to keep Alabama guessing.

Alabama’s Defense Better Than LSU’s

All week we have seen analyst talk up LSUs defense, but they rank fourth nationally while Alabama ranks second. Alabama has the better offense and even special teams (no idea how), but if I have seen one common factor in recent years: IT DOESNT MATTER. This game will be low scoring, old school football that we all know and love. This is going to be trench warfare for four quarters, and I cannot be more excited about it. Alabama is not worried about a night game in Death Valley, because they have been the most successful team when playing LSU at night under in the Les Miles era. Alabama is not scared, and that is what LSU feeds off of when playing at home. *Alabama 5-3 under Saban against LSU, have won three straight*


Prediction Machine 

Alabama 17 LSU 9. Alabama’s ability to set up the run with the pass will be a key factor in this game. If Alabama is able to do this, then LSU is in for a very long game. (Just ask Tennessee and A&M)  LSU is on the rise, but Alabama controls their own destiny for the playoff, so I put my trust in Nick Saban to have his team focused on the ultimate goal.




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