Coach Makes HOLDING HANDS A Punishment, Top Ten Running Back Commits, And More

Happy Hands Club

Tulane Head Coach Curtis Johnson made his players hold hands after they got into a physical altercation at practice this week. I could not imagine anything worse than a coach making me hold hands with someone I just got in a fight with. This is easily one of the best punishments I have seen, and I think it would be interesting to see if the NCAA made players who got personal foul penalty to do the same. Just think of how embarrassed players would get if they had to hold hands with an opposing player after a big hit? Here is the video of the two players holding hands.


Who To Root For

Each week we find ourselves rooting for teams just so they will beat another highly ranked team. I personally find myself rooting against Auburn at all times, and I am sure some of you root against Florida every single week. This weekend all of us in SEC land should be rooting for Utah. Not because you want Alabama or another SEC team to sneak into the playoff, but because Oregon lost to Arizona and run an offense that once they play a good defense they get shut down each and every time. Its science. Here is the full list of teams to root against.


Top Commits 

The SEC always has dynamic running backs. This upcoming recruiting class has some pretty impressive future backs, and Saturday Down South has ranked the top ten. Some of you will be disappointed to see that most of these back are from the state of Georgia and none of them are attending UGA, but do not worry you still have two talented freshman that will hold you over till 2016. Here is the top 10 running back commits this far.





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