Nightmare Scenarios For SEC Playoff Hopes, Power Ranking The Coach Of The Year Candidates, And More

Coach of the Year

Dan Mullen is clearly the front-runner for Coach of the Year, but if you are looking for a power ranking of other possible contenders, then Bleacher Report has the list for you. My dark horse (who I wouldn’t mind taking over for Saban once he retires) is Colorado State coach Jim McElwain who has turned around the Ram program in just two seasons. McElwain coached Alabama’s offense during the 2009 championship run, and is one of the few pro-style coaches left. Mark my words, he is going to get a big time job in the coming future. Here is the full list.

BCS or Playoff

We are all going to miss the BCS once we see the final four teams in a couple of weeks. The BCS took the human element out of the equation, so people with agendas could not put some one loss Pac-12 team over a one loss SEC team. I do not care what the people on the playoff committee tell you, they are all rooting for specific teams, and they all have specific agendas that they tend to. Here is what the BCS standings would look like at this point in the season.


SEC Playoff Nightmare 

Imagine if Georgia beats Auburn. Then they beat the West representative in the SEC title. Do you think the Dawgs would get in to the playoff just because they won the SEC? Personally, I think the two losses to anemic opponents will over shadow any win going forward. Georgia would play spoiler to the SEC if they decide to win out, and would open the door for a one loss Big Ten/Pac-12/Big-12 representative to take the SEC’s spot. Here is the worst playoff scenarios for the SEC.





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