November football is neat, and you’ve already missed two nights of #MACtion when this goes live.

Thursday Night Snuff Films

#21 Clemson at Wake Forest (7:30, ESPN): It’s a damn shame that Wake and Vanderbilt’s six-year series picked THIS year to end, because man it would be comical. The Deacs average 1.1 yards per rush for the season. Clemson, on the other hand, is vastly underranked at #21. One loss to Georgia, one overtime loss AT Florida State, and that’s it?

Georgia, More XII Fun, and Easy-to-Avoid B1G? Good Noon Slate.

1) #20 Georgia at Kentucky: (noon, ESPN) I said on Tuesday’s #DudeYouPodcast that I felt Georgia’s history consisted of looking a gift horse in the mouth and getting its head bitten off. That leads me to believe this will be a blowout in the Dawgs’ favor, and that feels like a weird tune to be singing.
2) #12 Baylor at #15 Oklahoma: (noon, FS1) Regardless of whether I’m 100% right or 100% wrong about Georgia/UK, this game should be on your radar. In reasonable scenarios, Baylor is still very much in the national title hunt. In apocalypse scenarios, Oklahoma is. OFFENSE! POINTS! STOPPAGES OF PLAY!
3) Presbyterian at #11 Ole Miss (noon, SECN): If you’re in the area, tickets on StubHub are starting at $8! Go enjoy The Grove on a budget!
3b-t4) Whatever floats your boat, although the first two should really be the only things on your radar. #22 Duke/Syracuse is better suited as a basketball game, but Duke is officially interesting. Minnesota was leading the B1G West until losing to Illinois, but Iowa/Minnesota is on the Deuce if that’s your bag.

3:30: Wherein Option Four Involves Michigan.

1) #10 Notre Dame ‘at’ #9 Arizona State (3:30, ABC): You know the deal. We can’t comfortably live in a world where Notre Dame is a contender, and Arizona State has a chance to put all that away. Impressively, their D won them a game against a solid Utah team last weekend, so perhaps the days of giving up 62 to UCLA are behind them?
2) Texas A&M at #3 Auburn (3:30, CBS): Actually, a decent week to get your break from curse doctor Uncle Verne. Seriously, he carries a Marshall Morgan voodoo doll, and you won’t convince me otherwise.
3) #23 West Virginia at Texas  (3:30, FS1): Any chance to watch West Virginia WR Kevin White is worth it, as is a chance to watch the Charlie Strong transformation-in-progress.

Shoutout to Tennessee Martin at #1 Mississippi State as well, because I’m genuinely interested to see if Dak Prescott’s turnovers become a real storyline.

Dude, Holy S**t.

What a nightcap slate. If you’re picking a time to do anything besides football, its before dark.

1a) #7 Kansas State at #6 TCU (FOX, 7:30): I’ve said it before: If TCU wins this game, they’ll be in the playoffs. K-State still has a tough road to hoe. This is going to be a fun one.
1b) #5 Alabama at #16 LSU (CBS, 8): “Death Valley under the lights is where dreams go to die.” – Les Miles “LSU is going to be playing like a top-1o team by November.” – Chad Floyd “F*** y’all.” – Nick Saban
1c) #14 Ohio State at #8 Michigan State (ABC, 8): I’ve been hard on the B1G this year, but let’s give them credit where credit is due: they have a game on the schedule with very real implications! It’s a 50/50 proposition that the winner of this game makes the CFP, which is nuts.
4) Virginia at #2 Florida State (6:30, ESPN): It’s Florida State 2014, so this’ll be close until Florida State makes it…not so.

Jimbo be like

Jimbo be like

And then, the beauty of the Pac-12 exhibits itself in all its radiant glory, as #4 Oregon visits #17 Utah (10, ESPN) in a very real threat for the Ducks. Good Utah DL vs. mediocre Oregon OL? I smell an upset.

Enjoy the games, folks!

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