Todd Gurley Running For Governor, The Dawgs In the Bottom Ten Teams, And More

Bottom Ten

Georgia has found its way into the ESPN’s bottom ten teams after this past weekend. The spot they hold is for teams who had a huge let down, not that they are one of the ten worst teams in the country. Georgia played like one of the ten worst teams in the country on Saturday, and I think we can all agree that this honor is rightfully deserved. Can Georgia rebound against Kentucky? Man I sure hope so. Here is the full bottom ten list.


Election Day

The SEC fan bases never cease to amaze me with how much they love their teams. Instead of voting for a Republican or Democrat, fans of Alabama and Georgia voted for Amari Cooper and Todd Gurley. Obviously the clear write in choices are the best players for your specific team, right? I do not think anything could go wrong, and that would generate some seriously great publicity for the two schools. Here is examples of people writing in TG3 and Amari Cooper.


SEC V The Field 

If you were putting money on who would win the College Football Playoff, would you be willing to bet on the SEC, or the field to win it all? I would bet the farm on the SEC. FSU would lose 4 games in the SEC West, 2 games in the East, and that is the same for Oregon and any of the other joke conferences. My only worry is the fact that the SEC plays in tough games each week, that they will consume themselves and no one will be healthy enough to play. Here are the odds.


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