Statistical Proof That Auburn Is In Fact The LUCKIEST Team On Earth


Each year there seems to be a “Team of Destiny”, and I think we can all agree that Auburn held that title for the 2013 Football Season. Between “The Miracle at Jordan-Hare” and the “Disaster in the Pasture” we got to witness a team that could do no wrong. It did not matter if they were less talented, had a criminal as their QB, or a coach that dances to MC-Hammer, no human force could stop this team from winning the SEC. I do believe that good teams make their own luck, but that means getting an onside kick, or a key interception. That does not include a tipped pass or a kick that happened to be just short enough.


0.0004% Chance 

Before this season began I decided to put “Kick Six” behind me, and felt that Auburn would sink back into mediocrity. Silly me, Auburn has proven to have lady luck on their side once again. Between Kansas State missing three field goals, dropping two touchdowns, and a the worst holding call since Todd Gurley’s against SC, that feeling of Auburn’s luck rushed back into my head. Kansas State was just the first straw.

Auburn found themselves down two touchdowns against Ole Miss this past weekend and time was not on the WaREAgle Tigers side. Two late game RedZone fumbles led to an Auburn victory in Oxford. The first fumble was all Bo Wallace being Bo Wallace, but the second (in consecutive drives) and most gut wrenching fumble proved that Auburn’s luck is a real thing. Below proves just how lucky it was:

“There have been 15,723 possessions in 594 FBS games this season. Only 62 drives (0.4 percent) have ended via fumble at or inside the opponent’s 6. The chance of two of these instances happening in back-to-back possessions is around 0.002 percent, or one in about 62,500. Have this happen in the fourth quarter of a close, important game, and you’re maybe looking at one in between half a million and a million. Or, as Auburn fans are beginning to call it, “November.”  – Bill Conelly ESPN Sports Nation 


Angels In The Endzone

You cannot make this stuff up. The deal that the Gus Bus has with the devil must be pretty sweet for it to last this long. Does Auburn have a kid on the sideline seeing angels? Is that kid a younger Joseph Gordon Levitt? Do me a favor and be on the lookout next week when Auburn travels to Athens for the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.






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