Georgia Football: The Bulldogs Play Football This Weekend. Season is not Literally Over.

Welcome back to No Smiling Week where Georgia fans continue sulking, complaining, scheming and dwelling on the past.  (Dude’s note: I say that as if I haven’t been a lead organizer and proponent of No Smiling Week.)

I’d like to take this moment to remind everyone that Georgia plays a football game this weekend.  Like the last three contests, the game is on the road against an SEC foe and Todd Gurley won’t be involved.  Unlike the last three games, Bulldog fans don’t really seem to care.  But you should.

Georgia still has a lot to play for even if the CFB Playoff is no longer a possibility.  I for one would love to see Georgia win the East and win the SEC Championship Game.  If the Dawgs won the best conference in America and were left out of the Playoff we could troll the tar out of the new postseason system and go ahead and deem it “broken.”  And, wouldn’t you love giving the SEC West hell for the next forever.  “Oh yeah. Real tough division.  Everybody in the West is superior.  Georgia just happened to go 3-0 against the West and beat the best team in the division.”

And that could happen—especially when the best autograph signer in the country gets back (too soon?).  I think the Florida game will be much like the South Carolina game in 2012.  It hurts, it’s embarrassing but it’s not reflective of this team nor will it define the season as a whole.

So cheer up, pretend to care and read this preview of the upcoming game with Kentucky.


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