SEC Football: Why Georgia Should Be Terrified Of Kentucky

Where We Stand 

This weekend Georgia travels to the glorified high school stadium of Kentucky, and will look to remain in contention for the SEC East Title with a win. Georgia has more talent than Kentucky, better coaching (even though some of you do not think so) , and a SEC East race up for grabs if they can find a way to win out. Those reasons should be enough for a Georgia victory to be all but imminent. This begs the question- Why should Georgia be terrified of Kentucky?


Reason One

In case any of you forgot, we just witnessed the worst performance for a Georgia football team in recent memory. A Florida team that is anemic on offense just ran two off-tackle run plays that led them to a dominating victory over the Dawgs. Kentucky has a much better offense than Florida, and a QB (Patrick Towles) that can not only stretch the field with his arm, but can keep plays alive with his legs. The Kentucky running backs all split time and have the ability to break big play touchdowns quicker than the two Florida running backs could ever dream of. Georgia needs to figure out how to stop the Kentucky rushing attack without devoting 8 in the box, or Towles will have a field day in the passing attack.


Reason Two 

Kentucky is looking for a season defining win against Georgia. Yes, they beat South Carolina but I think we all see just how pathetic South Carolina is. SIDE NOTE—– HOW THE HELL DID GEORGIA LOSE TO SOUTH CAROLINA?!? Kentucky is a perfect example of a team that if you let them hang around long enough, they will sneak up and beat you. This is the same Kentucky team that gave Mississippi State all they wanted for four quarters. The fact that this game is in Lexington, only adds to the worry that Georgia fans should have.


Reason Three 

Georgia has been a tale of two teams. We have stated this before, but it was made evident this past weekend after the disaster in Jacksonville. If Georgia shows up with the same lack of intensity and focus in Lexington, then Kentucky will put up more points than Florida ever dreamed of. Where is the defense we saw against Mizzou, and Clemson (second half)? If the defense shows up that played against Dylan Thompson, Patrick Towles will put the Georgia defenders on skates.



Kentucky should lose to Georgia. Florida, and South Carolina should have lost to Georgia as well but for some reason a different Georgia team allowed these two pathetic teams sneak up and rip the College Football Playoff hopes out from under them. My gut is telling me Kentucky is going to win this game, but my head is telling me Georgia will put the Florida game in the past and win out. I am not sure the rule on going with your gut or head, but if Hutson Mason is called upon to bring Georgia back from a couple touchdowns, I don’t like our chances.



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