Gus Malzahn Dances To MC Hammer, Marcus Lattimore Will Play Football Again, And More

The Gus Bus

There are many reasons for me to dislike Gus Malzahn, but his dance moves are not one of them. What is better than a SEC Champion Head Coach dancing to MC Hammer? NOTHING. I will continue to hate on his hideous sweater, and his questionable morals when it comes to running his program, but I can do nothing but respect Gus and his dance skills. Here is the Gus Bus doing his best MC Hammer impression.


The Best That Never Was

I can remember watching Marcus Lattimore destroy Georgia for three years. He did to Georgia, what Herschel Walker did to South Carolina back in the 80’s. Lattimore ran with passion, heart, and had no flash in his game. Lattimore was respected by every SEC team, and that was evident when his second (and final) knee injury occurred and each team sent their condolences. I honestly felt that Lattimore would take the NFL by storm once he got healthy, and I still believe that he could come back and do so. Sadly, Lattimore announced his retirement from football this week and I think we can all agree that it was a career we all wanted to so desperately take off. Marcus will go on and be successful in whatever he chooses after this, but I am still hopeful for a football comeback. Here is Marcus Lattimore’s statement on his retirement.


The Barn

Auburn is home to some of the most passionate, yet delirious fans in the country. I understand that they have “little brother” issues always being in Alabama’s shadow, but they tend to take things to the extreme. If little brother (Auburn) does beat Alabama then you get torn down goal posts, commercials based off “one second” jokes, and shirts that encompass that ONE victory. At Alabama it is expected to beat Auburn. We do not tear down goal post, or make our University commercials and Billboards after something that happened on the field, instead we are just obnoxious and move on to the next game. Yes, when we do lose to Auburn you have awful fans (Harvey Updkye) that do things that no true Alabama fan would ever think about doing, and for that I apologize. Auburn expressed how much it meant for them to beat big brother by purchasing the helmet Christ Davis wore during that game (The same Chris Davis that quit on Auburn in 2012 Iron Bowl and took his pads off on the sidelines). Here is the purchase amount.






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