SEC Football: Georgia’s Loss Leaves Door Wide Open For Mizzou, SEC East Is Drunk

Good Ol’ Days 

Flashback a week ago: Analyst were saying that Georgia had the best chance to win the National Title as a one loss team. The Dawgs had the most favorable schedule of the one loss teams, and were streaking off of two impressive road wins against Mizzou and Arkansas. Everything was falling into place for the Dawgs, but like every season, it was way too good to be true.


Missed The Bus

Present day: Georgia decided not to get off the bus on Saturday against Florida. Florida embarrassed the Dawgs by running the same two off-tackle running plays all night. This is easily the worst I have ever seen a Georgia team play since the debacle against South Carolina in 2012. With the Georgia loss, Mizzou is now in the driver’s seat of the SEC East.


Mizzou: Back To Back 

Mizzou has no business representing the East in Atlanta. This is the same Mizzou team who got railed by UGA at home, lost to Indiana, and if it was not for an awful Florida offense, they would have lost in the Swamp. Georgia never seems to be able to close the door on a season without having to have a little bit of help getting to Atlanta. Georgia has the most talented team in the East top to bottom. They show glimpses of greatness, but that gets over shadowed by the horrendous mistakes they make when they are at their worst. I still believe Georgia will beat Auburn, but if they could not stop Florida’s running game, what in the hell makes me feel safe in my pick with the SEC’s best rushing attack coming to Athens?


Florida Can Still Win The East 

The Georgia loss proved just how bad the SEC East is this weekend. Florida threw the ball SIX TIMES. 6. S.IX. The two running backs for Florida (who could not start at Georgia) ran for 418 yards! Does Florida have the Alabama line from 2012? Mizzou will walk into Atlanta and play the West Champion just like last season, but this time it will not even be a contest. A team Georgia beat by 34 points, will represent the East because Georgia cannot figure out how to stop an off-tackle rushing attack.





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