Georgia Football: Bad Coaching, Georgia’s One Good Play, Jeremy Pruitt and Player Interviews – Daily Dose of Dawg

Bad Coaching Played a Big Role

This game was poorly coached, no doubt about that. Mike Bobo was incredibly conservative, Jeremy Pruitt couldn’t adjust to stop the two plays that Florida kept running over and over again, and Mark Richt made some bonehead decisions that you just should not make as a coach of a major (I think) football program. What were those bonehead decisions? Let’s break down two of them:

  • Not Recognizing the Fake Field Goal – The fake field goal was easily the biggest play of the game. Georgia lost all momentum after that and didn’t have the leadership to gain it back. The most frustrating thing about that play, though, is that it should have been squashed. Everyone and their mother seemed to know Florida was going to try a fake field goal or fake punt at some point in the game except for Mark Richt. On this particular play, the Gators put a WIDE RECEIVER in as the holder, but this flew right over the Georgia coaches’ heads. When asked about this play, Richt said, “It could have been if a coach saw that, we call timeout. We didn’t get that done.”


  • Waiting Forever to Call A Timeout Before Halftime – No play showed how little Mark Richt seemed to be in this football game more than the timeout blunder before halftime. This was a huge point in the game as Georgia had a chance to tie it up going into the half and gain back a lot of momentum, but once again, the coaches dropped the ball. Mark Richt’s response to this poor decision, “I did a bad job of deciding what to do. That was strictly on me. If I was going to call a timeout (which he did), I should have called it sooner. As I’m processing the decision, the clock was ticking, and that’s a poor job by me.”

Even with all that said, however, I still support Mark Richt, and I think he is great for this program. Yes, he had a terrible game coaching, and he was the first to admit that, but he’s not a terrible coach. I’ll get into this more as the season goes on.


ONE Shining Moment

There’s really nothing positive to take away from this game, but here’s Georgia’s one good play at the one point in the game where things were still going well:


Post Game Player Interviews

Dean Legge of Dawg Post caught up with Jeremy Pruitt and some players after the shellacking on Saturday. Here’s what they had to say:


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


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