AUBURN CHEATS FOR A THIRD TIME THIS SEASON, Mark Richt Should Be More Like Spurrier, And More


Auburn cheated for the 3rd time this season. Check that. They have been CAUGHT cheating for the 3rd time this season. Auburn has some amazing deal with devil that has continued into the 2nd season under the Gus Bus. Even Auburn fans have to sit back and laugh at how many calls have gone their way the past two seasons. On Saturday, a player had to break his ankle at the goal line for Auburn to win. You cannot make this stuff up. Here are the missed calls of this past weekend.


Butch Mad 

Butch Jones has a future in inspirational speaker once he his fired at UT. He comes up with some of the best catch phrases to inspire even the worst of teams. Butch coached his team back to an improbable victory against South Carolina on Saturday, and with that win allows his UT team a chance at a bowl game. In route to the upset, Butch Jones unloaded on his assistant coach. Check out just how far the veins in his neck bulge out here.


Spurrier Bein’ Spurrier 

Wether you like Steve Spurrier or not, he has proved to be one of the greatest coaches in College Football history. His South Carolina team has only had “good” win this year at the hands of Georgia. On Saturday, South Carolina allowed a much worse UT team come back from two touchdowns down in the fourth quarter, to upset them in over time. During the post game press conference, Spurrier walked out on the press, and I personally applaud him for hit. Mark Richt should have been a little more pissed after the dumpster fire we all had to sit through on Saturday. Here is the full video.




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