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Crootin’: Clemson Passes Georgia In National Rankings, EVERYBODY PANIC!

Georgia is in great shape to finish the recruiting season as a top 3 class. If Georgia can get a couple of key guys to flip then they will definitely be challenging the Tide for first place. The real shocker is that Clemson has found its way into the top 3 by hopping over Georgia and landing just behind Alabama and number 2. It comes as a shock to me because if I am a recruit, and I saw how bad they got beat in the first game against UGA, I am committing elsewhere.

Here is a breakdown of the current standings:

  • Alabama: Top Recruit- Calvin Ridley WR (5 stars)


  • Clemson: Top Recruit: Ray-Ray McCloud ATH (I think we know who the award for best name goes to)


  • Georgia: Top Recuit: Terry Godwin ATH (5 stars)


  • South Carolina: Top Recruit: Jalen Christian ATH (4 stars)


  • Tennessee: Top Recruit: Kahill McKenzie DL (5 stars)


Clearly the SEC is dominating recruiting yet again, and it looks to only get better for the SEC as more athletes will sign their letters of intent on signing day. Georgia has the most complete class outside of Alabama, and Clemson is ahead of Georgia solely because of a couple late 4 star commits. Once signing day rolls around look out for FSU, Auburn, and Georgia all to make a push to beat the Crimson Tide for top class in the country.


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Weekly Viewing Guide: Who’s Rooting for Petrino?

When I was watching the College Football Playoff reveal show on Tuesday night, the commentators highlighted the fact that UCLA was ranked #22. They felt it important to note that Michigan State was in the same spot in last year’s first BCS rankings. Apparently, by some magic, 22 is a spot in which you’re guaranteed to rise. Michigan State 2013 played defense and UCLA 2014 does not, however, and they failed to mention that the first BCS rankings came out after week 8 whereas these are a week later. IMPORTANT DISTINCTIONS!

Taking the cynicism out, the point being made was that anyone currently ranked has, at worst, an outside shot of making the final four (even Duke!)

Thursday Thriller

1) #2 Florida State at #25 Louisville (7:30, ESPN): I’m legitimately excited for this one. Apparently Louisville students petitioned to get better third down music, and will be mixing “Never Scared” by Bonecrusher and “Ruff Ryders Anthem” by DMX into their rotation.

Also, on the most recent DudeYouPodcast, I put the Noles on upset alert. Like, they’re long overdue for a loss, right? 1-6 against the spread this year, have played pitifully on the road (they gave up 41 to an N.C. State team who has a longer ACC losing streak than Arkansas’ SEC streak…yeesh), and their D has taken a significant step backwards since losing Jeremy Pruitt. And their new uniforms are hideous.

/hears motorcycle rev


Nope. Do so at your own risk.

Another Week, More Atrocious Noon Football

My advice: find a ranked team you are interested in and learn about them. That…doesn’t really help this weekend.

1a) #24 Duke at Pitt (ESPNU): Pitt is fascinatingly bipolar and Duke should be favored in every game it plays until the ACC Championship.
1b) #18 Oklahoma at Iowa State (FS1): Boomer Sooner could jump back into the title hunt with some help from Baylor, or they could implode. Angry SoonerNation is the best SoonerNation.
1c) The only other ranked team is recently-underperforming #23 ECU at Temple, and there are your regular B1G snoozers (Wisconsin at Rutgers, Maryland at Penn State) as well as a game between ACC Coastal contenders who may not even make bowl games with UNC at Miami.

3:30 Not Much Signal Interference, Enjoy the Sweet Sounds of Uncle Verne

1) #11 Georgia vs. Florida (CBS): Fun things to watch this week include Florida’s offense and someone tracking Jeremy Foley’s every move postgame.
2) #7 TCU at #20 West Virginia (ABC/ESPN2): S’go ‘Neers, and we in Georgia will provide some couches for you to burn. Your definite “previous channel easy flip” pick of the week.
3) Purdue at #15 Nebraska (ABC/ESPN2): Someone beat these corn-growing fools.
4) Kansas at #13 Baylor (FS1): As former Kansas coach Charlie Weis may say: Baylor has a decided schematic advantage. And talent advantage. And home field advantage.

I’ll Just Say It: We’ll All Be Drunk for the Night Games

In the words of Mallory Archer: “That’s what happens when you drink all day and skip lunch!” It’s Cocktail Party week, folks.

1) #3 Auburn at #4 Ole Miss (7, ESPN): Ummmmm, yes please. The first of a great many shakedown games in the SEC West.
2) Stanford at #5 Oregon (7:30, FOX): Stanford’s ploddingness (it’s now a word) has been the Duck-killer the past two years. Three, and the nation’s (I guess) second-best conference is out of the title hunt.
3) Arkansas at #1 Mississippi State (7:15, ESPN2): Is it just me, or does Mississippi State play exclusively at home this year? #CLANGACLANGACLANGA.
4) Oklahoma State at #9 Kansas State (8, ABC): Wait, you mean to tell me the ABC game isn’t some piddlysquat B1G game? SPEAK WITH YOUR REMOTES, PEOPLE!
5) #10 Notre Dame at Navy (8, CBS), Illinois at #16 Ohio State (8, ABC/ESPN3): Dear God, the piddlysquat B1G may still come to your boxes via ABC. Run.

Late Night 

1) #12 Arizona at #22 UCLA, #17 Utah at #14 Arizona State (10:30, ESPN; 11, FS1; respectively): Television programmers now have the goal of putting football on from noon until 4am, and this week, they have succeeded.

Enjoy the games, folks!

Georgia Fans: Here’s the Perfect Antidote to Gurley Sadness


Todd Gurley isn’t available for the Florida game.  I can’t undo that.  But I can offer you something that is available today: The UGA Vault on Android.


All jokes and irreverence to the Gurley matter aside, get the app.  If you’re an Android user, now you can see what all the fuss is about and join thousands upon thousands of Bulldogs loyalists who rely on the App and its archives for all their football needs.


And of course, it’s still around on the Apple App Store.




Butch Jones Considering Michigan Job, Steve Spurrier Loves Todd Gurley, And More

Butch To Michigan

Would Butch Jones take his “Brick by Brick” mentality to Michigan next season? How wonderful would it be for Butch Jones to do the exact same thing Lane Kiffin did, and leave UT for a better job? I am officially going to call it the “Fat Phil Curse”, because they have had no success since his departure. Butch Jones could be the hero for UT, but if Michigan comes calling, I will be interested to see what his answer will be. Here is the interest potential for Butch Jones.


Reason To Love Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen is just a likable guy. He has turned around a historically awful program, but he has done it by getting away with really mediocre seasons before this one. I mean he has the greatest job in America! He can lose 6 games, make a bowl, and will get a contract extension! What job is better than that? He has gone up another notch on my list by his recent comments about his hate for Ole Miss. Keep doing you Dan. Here are the full comments.


Steve Spurrier Loves TG3 

We all have an opinion on the Ol’ Ball Coach. Some good, some bad, but we can all agree that he speaks his mind. Yesterday he spoke about Todd Gurley and the autograph situation, and it seems like he understands Todd Gurley’s situation, and sympathizes with it. Spurrier believes players should be paid to play, and with the fallout of the Todd Gurley autograph scandal and autonomy on the way, it should only be a matter of time before it becomes closer to a reality. Here are Steve Spurrier’s full comments.




Georgia Football Recruiting: HUGE 5-Star Likes UGA For Interesting Reason, #2 Ranked Cornerback Very High Talks On Dawgs

Demetris Robertson - Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Demetris Robertson – Photo courtesy of 247 Sports

The Jacob Eason Effect

Demetris Robertson *2016 – ☆☆☆☆☆
Savannah Christian School (Savannah, GA) ATH

The #2 ranked player in Georgia and #5 ranked player in the nation for 2016 is starting to think more seriously about the Dawgs despite being committed to Alabama. Demetris Robertson says he’s still committed to the Tide, but also admits that Georgia is giving him a lot to think about and that they’re certainly one of his top schools. Mike Bobo is a big reason that Robertson is so high on the in-state team, but perhaps the biggest reason is 5-star UGA quarterback commit, Jacob Eason. Robertson, like most top wide receivers in the country for the class of 2016, knows that Eason is a huge talent and would be special to play with. He says that they’ve texted a few times and that he hopes they can workout and throw sometime in the spring.

Robertson is an absolute freak of an athlete and will be one of UGA’s biggest priorities moving forward. He reminds me a lot of current 2015 Dawg commit, Terry Godwin, and might honestly be a little bit faster. If the Bulldogs are able to flip Robertson, they would certainly have one of the most talented group of wide receivers in the whole country.

Robertson will be visiting UGA for the Auburn game on November 15.

*MUST WATCH* Check out his sophomore highlights here:


Khalil Ladler *2016 – ☆☆☆☆
Stephenson (Stone Mountain, GA) CB

Another big in-state 2016 recruit that the Dawgs are going after is 4-star cornerback, Khalil Ladler. Ladler was long thought to be an LSU lean, but when he was asked recently what school stands out the most, he was quick to bring up the Bulldogs. He really likes Coach Pruitt and knows that if he comes to Georgia, he’ll be able to play right away. Another thing UGA has working in their favor is the commitment of Ladler’s high school teammate and 2015 Dawg commit, Chauncey Rivers.

Ladler is a tremendous talent and would be able to contribute at cornerback right away. He would be a perfect fit for Jeremy Pruitt’s defense and you can bet that Pruitt is making him a priority.

Ladler is looking to commit either next semester of next summer, and he says that distance to home will be a huge factor (big advantage for UGA).

*MUST WATCH* Check out his sophomore highlights here:


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


Check back daily for more recruiting updates!



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