Halloween Costumes For Each SEC Coach, Skip Bayless Loves The SEC, And More

Happy Halloween

Most of the coaches in the SEC will probably not dress up for Halloween. Check that, none of the SEC coaches are going to dress up for Halloween, but if there is a coach I could see dressing up it is Les Miles. Who wouldn’t want to see the Mad Hatter in a Joker outfit? I would personally rather see Dan Mullen in a Cousin Eddy outfit, but that wish will probably never come true. Here is a list of each coach and the costume they should wear.



Doctor Love 

Instead of The Mad Hatter, I am officially changing Les Miles nickname to Doctor love. He offered some relationship advice this past week, and it adds to a long list of memorable moments for the LSU head coach. There is nothing more entertaining than a Les Miles press conference. Next time the Tigers lose (next week when the Tide visit) be sure to turn on ESPN to check out the post game interviews. Here is the relationship advice from Doctor Love.



Skip Bayless is the king of all trolls. He has just taken SEC bias to a whole new level by having 4 SEC teams in his playoff. As much as I believe that the SEC could stack up against any team, and give them a great game (probably win), but if that is what happens the first year of the playoff people will lose their minds. Keep doing you Skip. Here is his playoff top four.



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