Butch Jones Considering Michigan Job, Steve Spurrier Loves Todd Gurley, And More

Butch To Michigan

Would Butch Jones take his “Brick by Brick” mentality to Michigan next season? How wonderful would it be for Butch Jones to do the exact same thing Lane Kiffin did, and leave UT for a better job? I am officially going to call it the “Fat Phil Curse”, because they have had no success since his departure. Butch Jones could be the hero for UT, but if Michigan comes calling, I will be interested to see what his answer will be. Here is the interest potential for Butch Jones.


Reason To Love Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen is just a likable guy. He has turned around a historically awful program, but he has done it by getting away with really mediocre seasons before this one. I mean he has the greatest job in America! He can lose 6 games, make a bowl, and will get a contract extension! What job is better than that? He has gone up another notch on my list by his recent comments about his hate for Ole Miss. Keep doing you Dan. Here are the full comments.


Steve Spurrier Loves TG3 

We all have an opinion on the Ol’ Ball Coach. Some good, some bad, but we can all agree that he speaks his mind. Yesterday he spoke about Todd Gurley and the autograph situation, and it seems like he understands Todd Gurley’s situation, and sympathizes with it. Spurrier believes players should be paid to play, and with the fallout of the Todd Gurley autograph scandal and autonomy on the way, it should only be a matter of time before it becomes closer to a reality. Here are Steve Spurrier’s full comments.




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