Jimbo Fisher: College Football’s Biggest Villain Blames The SEC For His Poorly Ran Program

Top Of The World

Florida State is the reigning National Champions of college football. They have the Heisman trophy winner, and an extremely favorable schedule the rest of the way that will allow them a great opportunity to repeat as National Champions. Jimbo Fisher has all of this power in his hands, but the way he is running his program is a perfect representation of everything that is wrong with college football today.


Not Always Bad

At first I really liked Jimbo Fisher. I rooted for Florida State in the National Championship game against Auburn this past season, mainly because they were playing Auburn, but I felt like Jimbo worked very hard to get to the Title. I am not taking anything away from the 2013 season, but ever since Florida State has been under a microscope they have consistently shown their complete disregard for anything but on the field results.


Jimbo Fisher Notable Arrests/Discipline Issues:

  • Jameis Winston: Alleged Rape
  • Jameis Winston: Shouting obscenities on top of a table
  • Jameis Winston: Caught stealing crab legs (baseball coach suspended, 3 games)
  • Karlos Williams: Alleged domestic violence arrest
  • Jameis Winston: Linked to Todd Gurley autograph site
  • Jesus Wilson: Grand theft of a vehicle
  • Ira Denson: Stolen Credit card, petty theft
  • James Wilder Jr.: Arrested four different times


Integrity And Honesty? 

Jimbo claims to run a program “built on integrity, and honesty”, but the way Jimbo has handled the issues above (and several others) is a complete misrepresentation of his program being built on integrity and honesty. I am not asking for Jimbo to be Mark Richt, aka Captain America, but I am asking him to own up to the poor way he runs his program. He is doing his players a disservice by allowing them to basically have no consequences for any actions (as long as they win for him). Once these players go to the NFL and have a bunch of money, does he really think they are going straighten up on their own? Case and point Aaron Hernandez. Not saying Jameis going to become ANYTHING like Hernandez, this is just an EXTREME case of a very talented, but dumb player.


Winning Is Not Everything 

I admit that I am not a fan of Jameis Winston because I feel him to be an extremely arrogant, selfish individual who gets everything handed to him. But do you blame Jameis for things being handed to him, or the very person doing the handing? I believe that if Jimbo cared about Jameis, aside from his abilities on the field, then Jimbo would have already suspended him for more than one game. Jimbo is doing Jamies a disservice and when Jameis gets drafted, Jimbo wont be there to bail him out of trouble (or jail).


Jimbo can still make his program one based on integrity and honesty, but it starts with being honest with himself. Stop blaming the SEC and ESPN for negative publicity, and take ownership of the way you run your program. Winning is not everything, and clearly Jimbo has lost site of that along the way.




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