SEC Football: Can Florida Actually Beat Georgia?

Georgia > Florida 

Let me make this clear: GEORGIA SHOULD WIN THIS GAME. I am picking Georgia to win this game, and believe that they are a much better football team than the Gators at this point in the season. If I have learned anything from watching college football, it is that any team can beat anyone, at anytime.


Secret Agent Muschamp

Agent Will Muschamp will look to continue to fulfill his duties by making sure Florida becomes the worst team in the SEC. If for some reason Muschamp decides to go all Benedict Arnold on us, it should make for an interesting Saturday. Treon Harris is making the start over Driskell, and he gives them an interesting boost that Driskell just did not show in his career. If Harris can come out and give the Gators a much-needed spark, it might get interesting for the Bulldogs.


This game is always full of personal fouls on both teams. That plays into the Gators strong suit, and that allowed the Gators to get back into the game last year. Georgia dominated the game early jumping out to a 20-0 lead, but when they started pushing and shoving back, that is when Florida made the game interesting. It is going to be a passionate game, but Georgia will need to keep their composure and let the scoreboard do the talking. Georgia cannot play into the hands of Florida by retaliating insults and shoving matches. If Georgia does keep their composure, this game should not be a problem at all.



Georgia will need to put this game away early, or they will risk allowing Florida to sneak out the victory. My pick is Georgia 30 Florida 13. Historically this is a low scoring, close game, and I can see this game being the exact same way for at least 3 quarters before Georgia (Nick Chubb) pulls away.  If this was not a rivalry, I would say Georgia beats this Gator team by 40 (still might happen),  but the rivalry is such a huge factor in this game. By the end of this game Will Muschamp might be looking for a new job, and Georgia will be one step closer to Atlanta.


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  1. After the outcome of the Cowboys-Redskins game last night, the Dawgs should be forewarned. If you allow an inferior opponent to hang around and gain confidence, anything is possible. As you stated, they need to put them away early AND then keep piling on.


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