Jameis Winston Halloween Costumes Are The Best Costumes, Bo Wallace Sounds Off, And More

Same Ol’ Bo Wallace

We finally saw ‘Bad Bo” return this weekend, when Bo Wallace forced a down field throw that led to the game clinching interception against LSU. Bo Wallace sounded off Monday stating that, “He want’s to be more aggressive, but that’s on the coaches”. Personally, I did not feel that Hugh Freeze tried to hamstring Wallace on Saturday, but apparently Bo thinks differently. There is only one Bo Wallace, and that is the inconsistent, mouthy Bo Wallace that we all love to hate. Fingers crossed that this leads to Ole Miss losing two or three more games. Here is the full comments.


Stop Storming The Field

Storming the field is the most ACC thing you could ever do. In the SEC, we should go into games expecting to win because we have so much pride in our teams. LSU let me down on Saturday after storming the field after beating Ole Miss. Ole Miss has only been relevant for four weeks, do not give them the satisfaction that they are an elite team by storming the field. Next time you win, act like you have been there before, celebrate in the streets, and leave the field alone! Here is the fine for LSU.



I am not the biggest fan of Halloween, but there are some great Jameis Winston costumes surfacing from some clever individuals. If there were a way for someone to dress up as how Mark Richt and Jimbo differ in how they run their programs, that would be the best costume this year. Jameis is the biggest sports villain since the Honey-Badger, and my guess is he wont be near as successful. Here is one of the best Jameis costumes.





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