Tennessee Has The Worst Fans In The SEC, Never Going To Knoxville Again

New Level Of Hatred 

My first trip to Knoxville proved to be an eye opening one this past weekend when I watched my Crimson Tide beat the Tennessee Volunteers. I am used to dealing with hatred between Auburn, LSU, and even Ole Miss fans, but nothing compares to the rudeness of UT fans.

Friday Night: 

When we arrived in Knoxville, I could not contain my excitement to see what the campus and game day atmosphere that I heard so much about looked like. As we were walking down the street taking in the sites,  a Vol fan screamed “Go Vols” as they were walking towards us. So, I proceeded to say “Roll Tide” figuring it was just playful banter, but instead I got cussed out for even breathing this Volunteer fan’s air. This similar incident happened ten or fifteen times in the first 15 hours we were in Knoxville. Strike One.



I figured the night before was just a bunch of drunk guys trying to get a rise out of some Bama’ fans, but Saturday proved to be even worse. As we walked by the river to see the “Vol Navy”, we continued to be taunted by Volunteer fans left and right. As we were waiting for a cab I heard this really white trash voice saying, “hey pretty boy, hey pretty boy”, so I turned around and proceeded to get taunted for dressing up to a game. I guess I forgot to wear my bright orange UT shirt with “Brick by Brick” all over it. My response to this lovely Vol fan is a little more R rated so we wont be sharing that.

Once the game ended and I heard “Rocky Top” and “Third Down For What” too many times, I left that cramped stadium with a wonderful smile on face, praying that I encountered one of the several fans that were so rude before the game.


Moving Forward 

I understand that Alabama and Tennessee is a big rivalry, but for a representation of their fan base to be so rude to people they have never met, is just pathetic. Every fan base has fans that they are not proud of, and maybe I ran into all of the bad UT fans at once, but that was just a miserable experience for myself and the other Tide fans with me. I am sure there are plenty of great Volunteer fans out there, but I did not meet a single fan that did not have some snarky comment about Kiffin, Saban, or the fact that I am apparently white trash who attends Alabama.

I will forgive Volunteer fans for now, because I do not know how I would take it losing to a rival 8 consecutive times, and losing to the coach that took my team to their last bowl game. Don’t worry, I am sure the “Brick By Brick” and “I gave my all for Tennessee today” sayings will get you to a bowl game soon. Roll Damn Tide.


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  1. Thomas Brown UGA

    The vols’ fans are really rude, but if you want to entertain the worst fan base in The SEC, one ranking worse than the vols’ fans, try crocodiles’ fans. These specific 2 programs have both been down for a while now, but when they were on top, they were the very worst 2 fan bases. I remember. I’d like to believe that I treat their fans and all opposing fans with civility, everywhere we go. We’ve been to 25 games at the Gator Bowl, and the Florida fans and the city itself have left similar reactions by us as you just experienced, a bunch of times that just stand out in our minds. Hospitable for the most part, the incidents which stand out in the city and by their fans in JAX, both would neither be considered hospitable to say the least such as having to park across the street and not being allowed to walk across the street to the stadium directly across from our lot, and being told that football started in 1990 by jort-wearing we’re # 1 crocodiles’ fans. Their superiority they feel they are due and the incidents with police in JAX for the game and their targeting of UGA fans, has left a lasting impression on us, I can assure you.

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