Auburn Gets Away With Cheating Again, Lou Holtz: Sneeze Heard ‘Round The World, And More


I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, Auburn is the luckiest team to ever walk this earth. The final play against South Carolina on Saturday should have been replayed and Auburn should have been penalized. Auburn had two players with the same number on the field at the same time! I assure you that if this is any other team, it is called and SC ends up winning the game. Here is Auburn cheating.


Easy Call

A player got his face-mask ripped off on Saturday. That is enough for me to want to find out more on how that happened. The referee’s job just got much easier because this is the most blatant face-mask I have ever seen. Good news: my Tide just got one step closer to the playoff with the Ole miss loss, bad news: LSU needs a new face-mask. Here is the complete video.


Bless You

Everyone loves Lou Holtz. He either reminds you of your Grand-Dad or you just love to hate him, but either way you love him. People took to twitter after Doctor Lou let out the most violent sneeze I have ever heard. I honestly thought he blew a gasket on this one, and I am sure others did as well. Do not fear, the Doctor is okay and someone gave him a Kleenex. Here is the full video.




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