SEC Football: Tennessee To Upset The Tide?

Tale Of Two Teams

I am making my first trip to Knoxville this weekend to watch my Crimson Tide take on the Vols. I should have no doubt that the Tide will take care of business, but like Georgia, Alabama has had a tale of two teams so far this season.One team shut out the best statistical offense in the SEC, the other blocked and extra point to beat Arkansas. If the team I saw play against Arkansas shows up in Knoxville, you can bet it is going to be close game.


Why Tennessee Keeps It Close

Justin Worley is still questionable for the game on saturday, but if he plays he needs to bring the same down field throwing ability he showed against Georgia. Worley has a very underrated arm, and some big receivers to throw to that become matchup nightmares if you do not have safety help. If Alabama comes out flat, and AJ Johnson and the UT defensive get a couple turnovers, then that might allow Justin Worley to put some points on the board.


Run It Up Lane, Leave No Doubt  

Lane Kiffin is making his way back to Rocky Top and he is going to do his best to find a way to score on the first play of the game. Amari Cooper might wanna get his hands ready because he might get targeted 20 times on saturday night. If the same team that was dancing and getting pumped on the sideline against A&M shows up in Knoxville, I should be leaving a happy fan.


Prediction Machine: 

Alabama 44- UT-10. UT might score first and Neyland might get rocking, but I just do not see Alabama losing to Tennessee unless they have a freakish injury plagued game like Georgia did last year. Kiffin will walk out of Neyland with a smile on his face, and everyone will hate him for it. Roll Damn Tide Paul.




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