Gurley isn’t Georgia’s MVP, Mettenburger Making First NFL Start, And more

SEC Is Best

We all believe the SEC is the best conference in the country. Rightfully so considering our dominance head-to-head vs other conferences, and the overwhelming amount of National Titles. But are we looking at it through blurred glasses? I do not believe so, but it is always nice to have someone else preach what we all know to be true. Joe Tessitore went off on the Paul Finebaum show expressing why the SEC is so dominant, and he could not have said it better. My hat is off to you Joe, take a bow. Here is the full video.


Mettenburger Diaries 

If you were to tell me that Zack Mettenburger would start an NFL game before Aaron Murray, AJ McCarron, and Johnny Manziel, I would have laughed in your face. I guess someone else is laughing now, because the one-time Georgia Bulldog is suiting up for the Titans this weekend. Mettenbuger has a massive arm, but nothing between the ears. I expect this to crash and burn in his first start, and I could not be more excited to see it. Here is the full write-up.


You Da Real MVP

Who would be the MVP for Georgia if the season ended today? My personal vote is David Andrews, but if it has to go to a skill player go ahead and give it to Todd Gurley. I understand that he has been suspended the past couple of games, but this is just a bad bad man. Gurley is the best player I have watched in a Georgia uniform in my 22 years, and I do not know if I will see another one like him. He can thank David Andrews for the big holes, but when he reaches that second level……… He’s Gone. Here are the top 7 candidates for MVP.


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