Georgia Football: Interesting NEW Gurley News, Freshman Player Interviews, Nothing New For Nick Chubb – Daily Dose of Dawg

Todd Gurley - Photo courtesy of the Athens Banner Herald

Todd Gurley – Photo courtesy of the Athens Banner Herald

Gurley Accuser’s Lawyer Speaks

Yesterday, Ed Garland, the lawyer representing Gurley’s accuser, Bryan Allen, released a statement regarding the Gurley situation:

“[Bryan Allen] thinks he ought to be playing football this Saturday and thinks that he should not be punished. He greatly regrets that he made the one payment to him, $400, he wishes he never had. It was a one time thing, he never had any dealings with Gurley before that time or after that time. In fact he admires Gurley. This young man is a fine young man who has been subjected to a great deal of condemnation and abuse for the emotions that everyone feels about Gurley being punished. And quite frankly, it seems quite hypocritical for universities to think they own the face and the name of the people they give scholarships to, and they ought to get rid of these stupid rules.” – Ed Garland (Quote courtesy of WSBTV)

This statement is quite interesting for a couple of reasons. One, Allen said a couple of weeks ago that he paid Gurley thousands of dollars. Now, he is saying it was only $400. Also, if Gurley was only payed $400, that would have warranted a one game suspension, not two. I believe it probably was somewhere in the $400 range or else the University wouldn’t be applying for reinstatement quite yet, but what this Allen statement really tells me is that he’s tired of getting harrassed 24/7.

Complete story on the statement here.


Player Interviews

Today, a few players met with the media, and here’s what they had to say:

***Videos courtesy of Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated


Nothing New For Nick Chubb

Although as fans we may have been surprised by Chubb’s dominating performances against Missouri and Arkansas, him and his teammates certainly weren’t.

GREAT article on Chubb and all his hardwork here.

Also, if you never saw Chubb’s high school highlights, make sure to check them out:


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


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  1. Actually Bryan Allen was upset because he said Gurley made a second deal with someone else (unknown).

    If $400 (from Allen) + $301 or more (from unknown) then that would warrant more than a 2 game suspension.

    “Per NCAA rules, Gurley would face a potential one-game suspension (10 percent of the team’s competition) if he accepted improper benefits ranging from $100 to $400. The penalty would increase to two games (20 percent) for amounts from $400 to $700, and to four games (30 percent) for amounts greater than $700.”

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