DudeYouGamblin’, Week 9: Home ‘Dogs Cover Supreme

In light of their controversial win over Notre Dame last week, as well as the weirdness that is Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston’s relationship, I thought I would bring to light this little tidbit: Florida State is 1-6 ATS this year.

If, knowing what we know about the top 10’s performance this year, we cleared their records and re-ranked them, where would the ‘Noles land? I would have to think their underwhelming performance and weak SOS would have them OUT of the playoff.

The reason I bring this up is this: DudeYouGamblin’ posts hit the site on Fridays. Florida State travels to Louisville next Thursday.

Louisville is going to knock off Florida State.

1) Cal (+17.5) vs. Oregon: Old school football fans, avert your eyes. Can we coin the term “30 yards and a cloud of vapor”? We’re doing it. The Bears’ conspicuous 41-7 loss at Washington two weeks ago gives me pause, but they’ve exceeded 45 points in 4 of their other 6 games and should be able to turn a home game with the Ducks into a shootout.

2) Kentucky (+15) vs. Mississippi State: The Bulldogs haven’t been on the road since the LSU win that started this crazy vault to the top of the polls. As I write this, I realize I’m putting a lot of blind faith in weird things to happen in Lexington. I like my chances.

3) Arkansas (-24.5) vs. UAB: You don’t think the Hogs are ready to take out some aggression on cats? Line has jumped from -21 with the quickness.

4) Georgia Southern (-17) vs. Georgia State: I know too many people from Southern, and they have talked me into this line. To be fair, Southern has more FBS wins than State since State’s football program started…which means absolutely nothing. Whatever.

5) Washington (+3.5) vs. Arizona State: The ole ‘when you have two quarterbacks, you have none’ applies here. Although the backup has performed well, Todd Graham says old starter Taylor Kelly will go in Seattle if he’s 100%. Washington has had a season just weird enough for one to logically assume they’re due for a minor upset.

LAST WEEK: 2-3 SEASON: 13-14. The reverse jinx worked for my Heels against Tech, but that was a loss on the gamblin’ board. Kentucky and Baylor, you let me down. And Notre Dame didn’t. Ugh.

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