SEC Football: Best Candidates For The Florida Job

Will Muschamp does not need to be fired. The defense has been spectacular under Muschamp, but the offense has been historically bad. Is it fair to put that on the head coach? Maybe, but Jeff Driskell is the QB so give the guy some credit. When Muschamp gets fired after losing to UGA next week by four touchdowns, here is my list of coaches Florida should go after to fill the spot.


  • Cam Cameron LSU Offensive Coordinator: If you want instant offensive improvement, go after Cam Cameron who has done wonders for the LSU offense. If Cameron has a decent QB, he can generate a great offense in not time.


  • Mike Leach Washington State Head Coach: Talk about instant offense, this guy with all of Florida’s athletes would be a nasty combination. He would also make the Georgia/Florida rivalry a lot of fun, because you know he would show up after taking a couple of pulls.


  • Chad Morris Clemson Offensive Coordinator: An Urban Meyer like offense, that is all about getting your athletes in space. I think Morris would be the most inclined to take the position, but Clemson might give him a big counter offer to stay.



Florida has already gone the Defensive Coordinator route, and I think they will go in the complete opposite direction and reach out to an offensive mind. I think the Florida faithful just want to see some points on the board, and all of these guys are pretty great at doing it. Now if for some strange reason Florida beats UGA, the coaching search will have to be put off until they lose to Vandy later in the year.


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  1. lotta OCs on that list. if you think foley goes that route, why leave off Bobo?

    • Of the list of OCs, Bobo being at the school he played at, I just do not see him leaving for Florida. Maybe another team, but not UF.

  2. If I were to guess, they will try their best to lure away someone who is already a head coach. I doubt they will trust another “rising star” after Muschamp, seemingly the easiest of decisions, crashed and burned so awfully. Someone like Gary Patterson or even a crazy hire like James Franklin. My hope of course, is that they yearn for the days of the Offensive Prowess of Charlie Wies and give him his next head coaching gig.

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