Lane Kiffin Running For Political Office, Hutson Mason Georgia’s Biggest Weakness, And More

Welcome Home Lane

I think we all can agree that the way Lane Kiffin left Tennessee was not the best way. As an Alabama fan, I still have a hard time looking at Kiffin on the sideline, but I do believe he was the best man for the job. Do I like him as a person? I am not sure considering I have never met the man, but the way he has handled his head coaching positions does not make me want to go get a beer with him. UT fans are still so butt hurt about him leaving that they are taking to even incorporating Kiffin into negative political ads. I am making my first trip to Knoxville this week, and I can only imagine the boos that will rain down on my Tide, and Lane Kiffin. Here is the full ad.


Big Ten Dancing 

The Big Ten is a joke. If Kentucky were in the Big Ten, they would contend this year. The mascots for each school got together and made a video dancing along to a Taylor Swift song. If that is not the most Big Ten thing to ever happen, then someone fill me in. The only way that this video could be better, would be if the ACC mascots joined in and danced with them. Here is the comical video.


Hutson Mason Is Weak

Every team has a weakness. Some teams like Vanderbilt have more than others, but the contenders all have a weakness that could make or break their season. Is Hutson Mason the biggest risk for Georgia? Is the lack of luck the biggest issue for Auburn? Saturday Down South came up with a list for each contender’s biggest weakness going forward. Here is the full list.


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