Tennessee Coach Trips Player, Jimbo Fisher Whispers In Jameis Winston’s Ear, And More

Too Much Volunteer In Him 

Tennessee is on the cusp of being a contender in the SEC. I believe that they are one defining win away from taking the next step towards relevancy again, but tripping opposing players is not going to get you there. I understand that you are tired of losing, and that can wear on you especially if you have a history like that of the University of Tennessee. I am sure that is what the Vol assistant coach was feeling when he decided to trip the Ole Miss player last saturday. In the words of Bama great Tommy Lewis “I just got too much Bama in me”, when he tackled a Rice opponent when he ran by him on the sideline. Vol coach just had too much Volunteer in him I guess. Here is the video.


Jimbo Whispering Sweet Nothings 

The little respect I had for FSU coach Jimbo Fisher went completely out of the window with his continuous defense of Jameis Winston. I understand standing behind your player when you truthfully know he is truthful and a good kid. But when a kid continues to do things that point in the complete other direction, it is time to make a stand for the well-being of the kid. “High character program on and off the field” were Jimbo’s words following the Notre Dame game. I think we have different definitions of character, and Jimbo needs to see how ridiculous he sounds. If Jameis were really a “good kid” why would Jimbo have to say this in his ear before he met the press?


Special Agent Muschamp 

Most Florida fans I talk to want Muschamp gone. I understand why, but is firing him midseason really the best thing to do? Will they play better for the interim head coach, or will they continue the pathetic football each and every saturday with or without Muschamp? Georgia fans should pray he does not get fired before the UGA game because he is acting like a special agent for the Dawgs the past few seasons. Georgia has owned the rivalry since he arrived in Gainesville, and I believe they will continue after the bye week. Here is a list of pros and cons for firing Muschamp midseason.


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