SEC Football: Why Georgia Misses Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer

Urban & Tebow

I will go to my grave saying that Tebow was a product of the system, and that Johnny Football and Scam Newton were better. I will also go to my grave saying that Urban Meyer is the sleaziest person to ever coach. With that being said, I believe that these two characters made the Georgia/Florida rivalry even more nasty than ever before. Lately, it seems like a lot of the same fire has not been there due to the fact that Florida is just pathetic, and Georgia has simply dominated since the departure of both Meyer and Tebow.


Could Do No Wrong

Tebow is one of the first players I can remember who could do no wrong in the eyes of the announcers, or analyst alike. Tebow would throw a duck for an incompletion “man, Tebow did everything in his power to get that ball to the receiver”, Tebow would throw and interception “The receiver has to do a better job of breaking that ball up, or he ran the wrong route”. Whenever Georgia beat Tebow in 2007, the announcers were blaming Tebow’s poor play on the fact that he had a banged up right shoulder. He throws with his left! Most of my hatred for Tebow was driven by announcers, but he did celebrate 3 yard runs like he just won the Super Bowl. Tebow does not bother me as much anymore, due to the fact he is irrelevant and is actually a good person.


Urban Hearts Tebow

Unlike Tebow, Urban Meyer is someone I still have a fuel of hatred for. It fits that he is at Ohio State, because instead of having to schedule teams like Florida Southern (like he did at Florida), he now has a cake walk being in the Big Ten. Meyer would run up the score on these pathetic teams, and leave his starters in to pad their stats. I did not know who Tebow’s backup was during his time at Florida because no matter the score, he would still be in trying to up his Heisman hopes. When Meyer left Florida, I felt like it was not because of health reasons, but because his best friend in the world Tim Tebow was no longer there.


Figure Heads

Those two fueled the hatred between the two teams, because we wanted to see Tebow cry, and Urban Meyer make excuses for the loss. What can we hate on now? Driskell is so pathetic you almost feel bad for him, and Mushcamp is so bad that it has become comical. For a rivalry to have hatred, it needs to have polarizing figures like Tebow and Meyer. I hope Florida gets someone like those two once again, because it will make victory that much sweeter.







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