Georgia Football: It’s Larry Munson Week at DudeYouCrazy!

Munson Week

Larry Munson loved the Georgia Bulldogs above all else.  As the late broadcaster’s obituary read, “Indeed, Munson never hid his allegiance to the Bulldogs.”  I had no personal relationship with Larry, just an autographed helmet in my office and a fond recollection of his finest, most animated calls.  But even without knowing the legend, I don’t feel I’m reaching when I say Munson would have loved the 2014 Georgia Bulldogs.  

He would have celebrated the defense’s new-found affinity for “hunkerin’ down.”  He would have joyfully recognized the brilliance of so many young players on the field.  “My God! A freshman!” he might have exclaimed about Nick Chubb.  Or Sony Michel.  Or Isaiah McKenzie. Or Dominick Sanders.  Or Jeb Blazevich.  And Lord knows what he would have had to say about Todd Gurley, but it probably would have nestled somewhere between a broken steel chair, a hobnail boot and sugar falling out of the sky.  In light of this, we decided to spend Georgia’s bye week celebrating Larry Munson along with out partners at The UGA Vault.  Over the next few days we’ll take a closer look at some of his most iconic moments throughout the decades.

1966 – Georgia at Auburn

1975 – Georgia vs. Florida – Appleby to Washington

1980 – Georgia vs. Florida – Run Lindsay!

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  1. Boy, I really miss Larry, especially when the Dawgs are on a roll. He learned to do play-by-play when there was no televison and could help us “get the picture” in our mind’s eye better than anyone. By the way, you may not know that he was also a great pianist. He played briefly with the Tommy Dorsey orchestra when they had a new young singer named Frank Sinatra. Larry could tell great stories about the many stars and performers he met during that phase of his life, but He will never be forgotten by any of us Dawg fans for his brilliant broadcast skills. God bless you, Larry.

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