Georgia Football: Herbstreit Says Gurley Can Still Win Heisman, Nick Chubb Carrying the Team, Inside Georgia Football Video – Daily Dose of Dawg

Todd Gurley - Photo courtesy of

Todd Gurley – Photo courtesy of

Kirk Herbstreit Thinks Gurley Can Win the Heisman

Despite missing two games already, Kirk Herbstreit says that he would vote for Gurley if he’s able to come back and keep up his domination. Last week, I talked to another media member who has a vote for the Heisman, and he told me that he’d do the same. His reasoning was, “I vote for the best eligible player in the nation. That’s it.” He expressed to me that many of the voters also feel the same way. So, if Todd Gurley is able to come back soon, has a great performance against Auburn, and UGA keeps winning, #3 still has a pretty good chance of hoisting up the hardware in New York.

Herbstreit story here.


Chubb Carrying the Load Without Gurley

When the Todd Gurley news broke, I think we can all admit that we were pretty devastated. How on Earth were we going to make it through the next two games without him!? Pair that up with the fact that our second and third string running backs were also out, and things weren’t looking too bright for the Bulldogs.

But in came the Chubb. Rushing for 345 yards and 3 touchdowns in Gurley’s absence, Chubb has looked nothing like a freshman.


Edward Aschoff of ESPN wrote a great article on Chubb here.


Inside Georgia Football With Mark Richt: Episode 9 released it’s weekly football show with player interviews, Richt’s thoughts on the game, and game highlights. If you’re at the office in that mid-week slump, and you want to get your daily fix of Bulldog football, I’d check it out.

Video here.


If you’re looking for a way to watch past Georgia highlights and get access to some other great content, make sure to check out The UGA Vault!


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