The Most Stereotypical Alabama Wedding Ever, Batman Visits Michigan State, And More

Number One Or Bust 

Alabama has been ranked number one some point in every season since 2009. Bleacher Report made a list of the last time each team has been ranked number one in the history of the AP poll, and I find it interesting 5 SEC teams have been ranked number one since the last time UGA has held that spot. I know we say it all the time, but UGA has the talent to win a National Championship almost every season. Here is the full list of when every team has been ranked number one.


Roll Damn Tide

As a student at The University of Alabama, I take pride in my school, and my football team. Some Alabama fans take fan-hood to the extreme (Harvey Updyke), but they are not an accurate representation of the Crimson Tide fan base. I love the quirky people who live and die by Alabama football, but an all Alabama wedding takes the cake. Every fan base has their fans they are not too proud of, so you can go ahead and add this lovely couple to my list. Roll Damn Tide Paul.


Why Do We Fall Down, Bruce? 

Christian Bale is Batman. Ben Affleck would be Robin if Christian Bale decided to return for the Batman Vs Superman movie. While shooting a scene on the Michigan State campus, Affleck gave the Spartans a nice little pump-up speech. He even introduced himself as Batman. Now Affleck is probably one of the least inspiring people I would want to come and talk to my football team, but it is still pretty cool to have the Batman come and talk to you. Here is full right up.


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