Something Something College Football, Vegas, and Five Picks for Week 8

You’re not here to read my excuses as to why I have failed to post picks columns the past two weeks, but let’s just say fall weddings and NCAA rulings unfortunately came calling. It didn’t stop me from getting into a little action, as I don’t bet my own money until October (a rule that has saved me a TON of money, as evidenced by my 11-11 showing through September).

I’m feeling more confident in myself (even though I’m making more money on O/U’s) and let’s get y’all back in the swing of things:

1) Baylor (-8) vs. West Virginia: If this were a night game, yeah I could see the werewolves of West Virginia coming out and causing problems for Baylor. But this is a Baylor team averaging 71.5 points per game against WVU the past two years, and the nation’s third-best defense in yards per play.


Stylin’ on suckas

2) Georgia Tech (-1) vs. North Carolina: I never bet on my teams, but Jesus could I make some money betting against UNC. They’re 3-8 against the spread under Larry Fedora, 1-10 straight up, and the Heels defense couldn’t shut out a team of eleven current-day Joan Rivers. I’ll be there for my stone cold LOCK OF THE YEAR.

3) Notre Dame (+11.5) vs. Florida State: I replaced Cincinnati (-13.5) over SMU with this game after seeing how bad Cincinnati is. I think Florida State wins this game because they are superior, but man…they’re making it look tough this year. God wants to torture us all and keep Notre Dame in the playoff picture despite a loss.

4) Kentucky (+10) vs. LSU: It’s an LSU game, and, last I checked, Les Miles is still the coach there. This will be a close game with some sort of hilarity to end the game. I think LSU will win, but based on the previous statement, it can’t possibly be by more than a score.

This is what I think of when I think of Kentucky/LSU. Please watch, there’s so much going on: both teams ranked, Nick Saban in purple, JARED LORENZEN!!!

5) Indiana (+15.5) vs. Michigan State: Well, Michigan State has been plodding somewhat bored-ly through the B1G schedule, and can you really blame them? Indiana still leads the SEC East in the loss column. So there’s that.

LAST WEEK: 3-2 SEASON: 11-11

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