Mid Season QB Rankings (Spoiler: Hutson At Bottom), Worst Teams In the NCAA, And More


Stop The Gimmicks

I am a fan of traditional uniforms. It is safe to say I do not care for Oregon, and the fact that they have to make headlines every time they have their uniform picked out for the weekend really gets under my skin. This weekend is no different as they are “throwing it back” to 1994 with these fresh uniforms. Alternate uniforms are a sad gimmick that give you absolutely no competitive advantage going forward. Stay true to tradition, and stop with the lame gimmicks.


Bottom 10

The bottom ten teams in college football seems to fluctuate each and every week. Georgia has put a certain Tigers team in the middle of this week’s list, and I do not see them getting off of it anytime soon. Vandy has been a staple in the bottom ten this season, and honestly good for them being able to stay in the top ten of at least one poll. It takes skill to be this bad, and Vandy has mastered it. Here is the full bottom ten list.


QB Rank

Midseason QB ranks are out and they are about as good as expected. Hutson Mason is toward the bottom, and Dak Prescott is at the top. Georgia sure is a far cry from Aaron Murray, but I guess to the fans who wanted Mason to start after 2012 USC game, they finally have their wish. Nick Marshall should not even be on this list since he is a running back who just so happens to forward lateral a few times a game. Here are the full rankings.



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