Georgia Football: *BIG NEWS* Todd Gurley Likely Suspended Against Arkansas, Inside the Arkansas Razorbacks, UGA Defense Is Evolving – Daily Dose of Dawg

Todd Gurley - Photo courtesy of

Todd Gurley – Photo courtesy of

Todd Gurley Likely Suspended Another Game

Mark Richt broke the news this morning that they’re not expecting to hear on the Gurley case this week. This tells me a couple things. One, it’s pretty clear that Todd Gurley admitted to taking the money. Whether their was evidence to convict him or not, it seems like he was honest and told them he took money. If he was denying it, I certainly couldn’t see Mark Richt sitting him for the second game in a row. Richt obviously knows this is a tricky situation, and thus he’s waiting on the NCAA’s ruling before he’ll play #3. This also tells me that the NCAA is just as absolutely infuriating as they’ve always been. I thought for sure this matter would get cleared up this week because the NCAA is under so much scrutiny from just about everyone in America. They’re showing, though, that once again they do not care about public perception. They don’t care that the NCAA is on the way out; they’re not going down without a fight. So, I really have no idea anymore on how long Gurley will be suspended, and my guess is as good as any as to when they’ll come down with a ruling.


Inside the Arkansas Razorbacks

Seth Emerson of the Macon telegraph caught up with the Arkansas beat writer today and got the skinny on the Razorbacks.

Interview here.

If you’re interested, here’s who some ESPN writers have winning this game.




Khan Jr.




Georgia vs. Arkansas


Georgia’s Defense Is Evolving

A few games into this season, many thought that Pruitt’s new defense was just a new look with the same results. They couldn’t stop the pass, and they couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down to save their lives. It seems, however, that things are starting to change a little bit. It’s obvious that everybody on the defensive side of the ball is getting more confident and starting to fly around without thinking too much. If you remember last year under Grantham, players would often be freaking out before the snap, trying to figure out what they were supposed to be doing. Why? Poor communication.

Edward Aschoff of ESPN has more on this here.


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