Could The WORST Team In The West, Beat The BEST Team In The East?

West > East 

We can all agree that the SEC West is much better than the East this season, but is there a big enough gap to where the worst team in the West (Arkansas), can beat the best team in the East (Georgia)? In college football anything is possible, but I would like to think the team that will more than likely represent the East in Atlanta can beat the worst team in the West on the road.


Situation 1: Georgia Loses

This has been a tale of two teams this season for UGA. Team 1: played great against Clemson, Mizzou, Troy, and Vandy. Team 1 has gotten pressure on the QB, forced turnovers, and only thrown when need be. Team 2: South Carolina and Tennessee. Team 2 has made Dylan Thompson, and Justin Worley look like Aaron Murray. Hutson Mason could not make the throws necessary to pull away at any point in either game. Todd Gurley led UGA to victory against UT, and if it weren’t for a bad holding call, he would have against SC.

There is no Todd Gurley this weekend, and Nick Chubb is no Todd Gurley. Yes, he was a workhorse who played an exceptional game against Mizzou, but Arkansas has a massive front 7. Nick Chubb will be a great UGA running back, but he is still a freshman with a lot of inexperience. If UGA can’t have success running on first down, they will lose this game. If team 2 shows its ugly face, the Georgia defense will be pushed around all day and Arkansas will pull out an upset.


Situation 2: Georgia Wins

Georgia played their most complete game last week against Mizzou. From Hutson Mason’s tragic touchdown run, to the Mizzou offense only crossing midfield twice, it was complete dominance. Georgia played an inspired game with Todd Gurley suspended, and that is how they will need to play this week. Feed Nick Chubb, Brendan Douglas, and get my boy Taylor Maxey involved if you are feeling generous. This game is going to be a physical blood bath and Georgia has the man power to prevail. Hutson Mason will have to bring his A game, but in the words of  Kevin Garnett “anything is possible”.


Prediction: Arkansas 17 UGA 13 

Arkansas is looking for a program win, and I believe that they have played tough enough opponents to help prepare them for an upset. Georgia should win this game. I will be rooting for Georgia to win this game, but I see Arkansas finding a way in a hostile home environment. Todd Gurley will be missed more in this game, then probably any other game outside of Auburn for the rest of the season.


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  1. I just don’t see the upset happening, UGA is coming out with that same chip on their shoulder and I really don’t see Arkansas holding the Dawgs to 14.

    • I could see UGA winning this no problem, but Arkansas did hold an Alabama team to 14 points, and Alabama’s offense is in my opinion much better.

      • What makes you think Bama’s offense is much better than UGA’s? It can’t be the statistics, so it must be something else..

        • Alabama: 3rd in SEC Total offense, UGA 8th. Has the leader in QB rating, Recieving yards, a top 5 rusher. So yes, much better.

  2. Whatev. Dawgs will ROLL over the hogs. 30-13 DAWGS

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