Big XII Shakedown Week! An SEC Breather! GTH, Notre Dame! The Week 8 Viewing Guide

Is there anything more demoralizing than a Tuesday? After the two most hectic workdays of the week, you come home, open a beer, and are conditioned from the previous five days to have football as the primary activity, or at least backdrop, to whatever it is you’re doing with your night. Tuesday is a different animal because there is no football on TV. (People with significant others, is this when you cede the TV to her and allow Real Housewives and that crap to come through your speakers?)

All that changed this week. I watched a depressing amount of UL-Lafayette/Texas State the other night, and man. Just because its the Sun Belt doesn’t mean it can’t entertain. Lafayette quarterback Terrance Broadway was a joy to watch, and apparently they’re the favorites in the conference. We have solid #MACtion coming at us almost every Tuesday for the duration of the season.

One question I had the other night that I haven’t received confirmation on quite yet: does a Tuesday game count as the week before or the week after? Are Lafayette and Texas State suiting up again on Saturday? Turns out, at least in the case of these two, that neither adjacent Saturday is a game day. Both have last and next Saturday off, as TSU plays again on the 25th and you get another chance to see Lafayette against Arkansas State NEXT Tuesday.


Thursday: I’d Rather Have Sun Belt Games.

1) The only game any normal people in our region are going to get pits Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh (7:30, ESPN). While I won’t call myself an ACC fan, I possess a vested interest in the Coastal Division race, and not even I can pretend to give a modicum of a care in the world for this game. Ugh.

If you do have Pac-12 Network, #20 Utah visits Oregon State at 10.


Despite my sentiments above regarding Tuesday night football, I am still so anti-Friday night college football. It feels like such an AAC/Mountain West thing to do, but the Pac-12 and ACC have dabbled this year as well. Friday nights in America should still be reserved for the high school game, and that is the most soapboxy, dogmatic take that I can’t really back up on this website.

Fresno and Boise play at 8 on ESPN (actually a solid matchup), Temple at Houston (Houston is really bad y’all) at 9 on the U. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy.

Boomer Nooner, Or Get Your Big XII Fix Early

Depending on where your sensibilities lie, the Big XII is football on iceskates or football on cocaine. Noon provides a double shot espresso or drug of your choice of high-flying, no defense football through your TV screens.

1) #14 Kansas State at #11 Oklahoma: The bloom is off the OU rose bigtime following a loss to TCU and a near-loss to Texas, and you have to love K-State getting the “lost close to an SEC team” boost.

2) #4 Baylor at West Virginia: Last time these two played in Morgantown, the final score was 70-63. Geno Smith was a competent QB at the college level at that point, and was considered a lock for the Heisman after that performance. I still think he could be a good NFL QB if he got out of the dumpster fire that is an offense controlled by someone controlled by Rex Ryan.

Obligatory Baylor gif again? OBLIGATORY BAYLOR GIF AGAIN!

The rest of the noon slate is downright depressing, as if the TV powers-that-be are making us do our homework by watching the XII. The only SEC team in action is South Carolina, who hosts Furman in South Carolina’s least-exciting in-state rivalry. The B1G, as always, has a couple of bumfights. Virginia at Duke in the ACC is probably the third-best choice for the time slot, as we cheer for the ACC Coastal 4-4pocalypse.

The Mid-Afternoon: I Have Nothing Clever

The 3:30 slate is nothing to write home about after the past two weeks. I mean, good lord, even my 6th-best game (UNC at Notre Dame) for the slot last week was insanely entertaining. Having said that, this blows away anything I’ve previously commented upon thus far today…

1) #15 Oklahoma State at #12 TCU (4, FS1): (Please don’t write me hate mail, I’m only here to expand your horizons). Today is to the XII what the past two weeks were to the SEC. Shakedown Saturday. I love the fact that they play a full-conference round robin, and have often fantasized about the SEC doing the same.

2) #10 Georgia at Arkansas (4, SECN): More compelling than the SEC on CBS game this week in my opinion. God, Allah, spaghetti monster in the sky (CC: Daniel Palmer), whoever: please let Todd Gurley play in this game. With these two rushing attacks, the game could be over before any of the 3:30’s.

3) #21 Texas A&M at #7 Alabama (3:30, CBS): Ugh, I think Uncle Verne’s worst obsession the past three years has been the ogling of Texas A&M. Speaking of whom, can we determine that they’re good for one dazzling performance (South Carolina? Alabama 2012?) each year and are set to be a mediocre team in the league beyond that?

Beyond those three, I don’t know where to guide you. Masochists will chose the B1G route (#8 MIchigan State at Indiana and Rutgers at #13 Ohio State on the ESPN family of networks), DeShaun Watson-less #24 Clemson visits BC on the U… I don’t know. Try to set the rotation to three.


1) #5 Notre Dame at #2 Florida State (8, ABC): Repeat after me. “Notre Dame losing is always a good thing, unless it ruins a potential matchup with Georgia for the national championship.” Go Noles. Also, while this was kinda funny when Notre Dame was relevant and their rivalry with Miami was insane, now we just have pure, unadulterated Notre Dame arrogance.

Go to hell, Notre Dame.

Go to hell, Notre Dame.

2) A couple of palatable SEC matchups: Tennessee at #3 Ole Miss (7, ESPN) is the classic trap game (maybe?) for Colonel Reb. Mizzou/Florida (ESPN2) and Kentucky/LSU (SECN) are both relevant to Georgia’s SEC East chances (as seen here).

3) You actually have a solid Pac-12 doubleheader starting at 8 as well. Washington at #9 Oregon (8, FS1) is always interesting, at least in theory, and #23 Stanford at #17 Arizona State (10:30, ESPN) is as good as it gets for a nightcap.

Enjoy the games, y’all!

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