Mississippi State Will Erect A Statue Of Dan Mullen

Best Salesman In Football

Dan Mullen is the perfect coach for State. He is surprisingly optimistic, and has found a way to win 60% of his games during his time at State. Mullen has only had one losing season since he took over in 2009, and now has the team ranked number one in the entire nation. If Dan Mullen can figure out a way to get through the SEC West with one loss, his Bulldogs could be playing for the SEC Title and even a playoff spot.

How Far They’ve Come 

State has always been a joke. They ring cowbells, have a glorified high school stadium, and lost a football game 3-2. Dan Mullen has brought this lovable bunch of losers basically from worst to first in his short time. Mullen finally has his “Tebow-like” QB in Dak Prescott, and now his offense is finally flourishing. The defense is one of the nation’s best, and with Alabama, Arkansas, and Ole Miss left they will have to remain at the top of their game.


State Record Under Mullen: 

  • 2009- 5-7
  • 2010- 9-4
  • 2011- 7-6
  • 2012- 8-5
  • 2013- 7-6

What If 

If Dan Mullen can do the impossible and lead State to a National Title, this man will have a statue in his honor by noon the next day. The jumbo-tron will be named the Dan Mullen-Tron. Mullen will never pay for another meal in the state of Mississippi, and rightfully so. Mullen will be the hottest commodity in coaching, and he will gladly stay in Starkvegas where he will be treated like Bear Bryant for the rest of his career.


Now, do I think State will win the West and continue to get better and better? Heck no, I mean I called for them to lose to Kentucky just yesterday. But, anything can happen and I look forward to seeing how the Bulldogs from the West can finish this season.



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