Georgia To Blackout Tide In ’15?, A Look At Championship Odds, And More

Looking Ahead

The 2015 schedules have been released, and right off the bat I can see some College Gameday games. Alabama travels to UGA on October 5th which plans to add a whole lot of tension between my brother (UGA Grad) and myself. Both teams will have new QBs and their leading rushers will more than likely be gone as well, so it should stack up to be a pretty interesting game. The last time the Tide visited Athens, the black jerseys were never seen again. Here is every team’s schedule.


UT Invading Vandy

Anytime a team travels to Vandy, they typically make up at least half of the crowd even when the great James Franklin was at the helm. UT is trying to get enough fans in Vandy’s stadium to checkerboard it with orange and white, like they did for the Florida game a couple of weeks ago. It is a lofty goal, but my hat is off to the UT faithful and I wish them the best of luck. Here is the full layout.


Championship Odds

At the midpoint in the season we have some updated title odds for the biggest contenders in football. Some of these might come as a shock, but honestly these mean nothing with half the season left to go. For all we know, Georgia Tech could win out and be in the title hunt. Not likely, but anything can happen. Here is the full list.




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