Ole Miss Star To Face Charges?, Biggest Disappointments To This Point, And More

The Play That Could Have Been

The Northern Colorado Bears came so close to pulling off the greatest game winner of all time. It involved a blocked extra point and a whole lot of laterals. What more do you need to know? Sadly, they came up just short in the effort, but the Bears definitely get an A for effort. Imagine if this would have happened in a game that mattered? Like the Iron Bowl, Egg Bowl, or Outdoor Cocktail Party? This would have caused pandemonium! Here is the crazy play that almost was.


Sad Face

I think we all have a list of the biggest disappointments as we approach the second half of the season. Mine is pretty much the SEC East, and the LSU Tigers, but there is always room to grow. I mean who could have thought that the South Carolina Gamecocks would already have three conference losses, and not even have a shot at Atlanta? LSU looks like the old MSU, and they basically have no shot of making it to Atlanta. Here is a list of the 10 biggest disappointments up to this point.


Puff The Magic Dragon Bobby

Finally a team not named UGA has an off the field issue that might cause a star to sit some key minutes. Ole Miss D-Lineman Robert “Bobby” Nkemdiche has found himself in a little hot water as a picture of him holding a bong has surfaced. If this were UGA Bobby would be suspended for 4 games and not allowed to eat or drink for a month. If he does not face suspension then clearly signing autographs for pay is much worse than recreational drug use. Here is Hugh Freeze’s response to the picture.



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  1. This whole Gurley thing is a joke an the NCAA should be embarrassed!

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