Who The Heck Will Win The SEC??


Before the season I thought the SEC champion would come from the state of Alabama. As we have hit the midway point through the season it looks like the state of Mississippi has the upper hand in the West, and could very well win the SEC Title. Personally, I do not think either team from the Magnolia state will be able to keep it together all season and will suffer a couple let downs along the way. This leaves the door wide open yet again.


  • Mississippi State
    • Next Game: At Kentucky- could be a tricky game after a bye week and expect a high scoring affair. Could this be where State has a “Clemsoning” like game?
    • Possible Slip Ups: Arkansas, @Alabama, @Ole MIss.


  • Ole Miss
    • Next Game: Home Vs UT- Ole Miss plays all of their hard games at home, so UT will have their hands full. Ole Miss should take care of business in this one. UT is about a year away.
    • Possible Slip-Ups: @LSU, Auburn, @Arkansas, State


  • Alabama
    • Next Game: Home Vs A&M- tricky game, but I think the Tide will get back on track after a tough 2 game road trip. The friendly confines of Bryant-Denny should lead the Tide to a nice victory over a reeling A&M.
    • Possible Slip-Ups: Miss State, Auburn, @LSU


  • Auburn
    • Next Game: Home Vs South Carolina- Man I would love for SC to win this game, but I just do not trust Dylan Thompson to play well against any team other than UGA.
    • Possible Slip-Ups: EVERY GAME LEFT



  • Georgia
    • Next Game: At Arkansas- very tricky game for the Dawgs. Arkansas has a great D-Line and a solid defense. Over/Under for total passes is gonna be set at 25 I am guessing.
    • Possible Slip-Ups: Florida, Auburn, Kentucky


  • Florida 
    • Next Game: Home Vs. Mizzou- My gut tells me Mizzou should take care of business, but if the same Mizzou team shows up that played against UGA, then it will be a lot closer against this terrible Gator team.
    • Possible Slip-Ups: Is this even a question? I mean with Driskell at the helm they could lose to anyone, at anytime.


  • Mizzou
    • Next Game: See Above- Mizzou should take care of business, but 5 turnovers is not a good formula for victory.
    • Possible Slip-Ups: Kentucky, @A&M, @UT, Arkansas



Atlanta Prediction: Alabama Vs Georgia

I see both Magnolia state teams slipping up at least twice before the end of the season. I am not sure they know how to play with the target on their back, and especially for the entire 2nd half of the season. I still think Alabama will win the West, and will make a statement when Dak and company comes to town next month.

Georgia can lose another game and still make it to Atlanta, but I truthfully think they can win out if the defense keeps improving. Georgia has the depth, and if TG3 coms back they can only get better.



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