Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Mizzou Edition

Spent this season looking for a measure of how good this Georgia team can be? Hope you caught this #BEATEMDOWN, cause it was everything we hoped it could be. I was nervous about going on the road to play the defending SEC East Champ. I was nervous about the Jason Smith projected emergence of Maty Mauk and the Mizzou passing attack. I was apoplectic about the idea of playing a conference game without the single most dominant player in college football.

That was, until the game started.

After the first fumble, I relaxed. After the second interception, I was borderline giddy. By the end of the first quarter, I was like:

In the end, this was an ass-kicking of epic proportions, and for one Saturday, the lack of Gurley didn’t matter. Really, it almost felt like the team came together in the face of the NCAA’s nonsense, and stepped up in every phase of the game. Pretty good start to the extended road trip that is these next few weeks.

The Good:

– Nick Chubb is no Todd Gurley. This isn’t due to any shortcoming on his behalf, but more to my serious concerns that Todd Gurley might not be human. He lacks the top end speed and experience and overall “HOLY SHIT”-ness, but I’ll take him being the best possible Nick Chubb he can be. 38 carries for 143 yards and a touchdown means that the best possible Nick Chubb is pretty damn good.

– Jason Smith predicted on the not-yet-award winning Dude You Podcast last week that Hutson Mason would take fewer than 70% of the offensive snaps in this game, and going forward. I would posit that Mr. Mason heard this podcast, and Saturday was a very convincing middle finger to Mr. Pageviews. 22/28 and a BEAUTIFUL tear drop touchdown perfectly placed to Michael Bennett, and that should stave off the Brice Ramsey crowd ’till probably Wednesday.

– DEFENSE! *clap clap* DEFENSE! Takeaways, sacks, and a 0.9 quarterback rating for Mauk equals ME giving the middle finger to all the Pruitt questioners earlier this season. This defense is evolving, and looking to peak at the right time. And the fact that this evolution equates with the loss of the most dominant player in college football isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing.

The Bad:

– Um, that it had to end? I want the secondary to keep getting better, and I hope Pruitt keeps that group focused on the next challenge. *looks at schedule* Oh, Arkansas? Nah, y’all can party off this one. Them boys can’t throw.

– I need more out of the o-line. I don’t know how much better Gurley made them look, but they need to hold point of attack blocks longer as the initial burst is SO different with Chubb. Familiarity comes with, but we don’t have that, so the time to get good is NOW.

The Ugly:

– Maty Mauk, what the hell? I hope his performance is a  product of UGA exceptionalism and not Mizzou incompetence. Either way, not good Mr. Mauk.

One down, three more games outside of the friendly confines of Sanford coming up. If this is how the road trip is going to go for this team, then I’m 1000% in on that. Couldn’t be prouder of the way the team circled the wagons and stepped up against the week’s adversity, and that speaks to the leaders in the locker room and on the coaching staff. We’re gonna have a helluva time with this one on the podcast tonight, but let’s hope the excitement is tempered in the meeting rooms and on the practice field in Athens, and the team is getting ready for Arkansas. But me? Oh, I’m gonna enjoy this one.

Old man football huh? People don’t forget.

Go Dawgs.

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