Georgia Football: Can UGA Keep It Up Without Gurley?, Post Game Player Reactions, Brendan Douglas Goes Airborne,and More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Brendan Douglas - Photo courtesy of

Brendan Douglas – Photo courtesy of

Can Georgia Keep Winning Without Todd Gurley?

First off, by all indications, Georgia won’t be playing without Todd Gurley for much longer. Some even think, per inside sources, that Todd will return this week to play against Arkansas. But still, let’s just say that he’ll be out for 3 more games (Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky); Could Georgia go 3-0 in that stretch? Absolutely.

Now, I want Gurley back, and I want him back badly. I don’t think we have a shot of beating Auburn or winning the SEC Championship without him, and I also just think college football is better off when the best player in the nation is getting to showcase his skills. That being said, I’m very confident that we could win the next three games without #3 in the backfield

Alex Scarborough, however, graduate of the War Eagle Tigers of Auburn, isn’t so confident in the Bulldogs’ chances. Story here.


Post Game Player Interviews

Gentry Estes of Dawgs 247 caught up with some players after the game on Saturday. Here’s what they had to say:


Brendan Douglas Goes Airborne


Great Photos From Georgia vs. Missouri

Radi Nabulsi always gets some great shots of the Bulldogs in action, and this week’s photos certainly don’t disappoint.

Photos here.


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