Gamecocks Will Quit On Spurrier, New Number 1 Team, And More

New Number 1

I am sure everyone predicted the Bulldogs to be ranked number 1 at some point this season. Now, I do not think anyone thought it would be the Bulldogs from the state of Mississippi who would hold that ranking. State has put together a stretch of great wins over the last 3 weeks, and nothing made me happier than seeing the Gus-Bus go home with an L. This team is scary. I am worried about Dak coming to Tuscaloosa in November, but it should be a great game. Here is the full rankings.


Takeaways From Mizzou

To be honest I thought UGA would get beat in this game. Gurley mean’t so much to Georgia’s production and with him absent, I thought the Dawgs would get stomped. Instead, the team rallied around a great showing from the defense and dominant running attack from Chubb and Douglas to a 34-0 win. This puts UGA in the driver’s seat in the East and if Gurley does come back, I think that could only add positives to the Dawgs. Here are 5 takeaways from the Mizzou game.


Spurrier Is Negative

I am a firm believer in building someone up when they are down, clearly the Ol’ Ball Coach has a different belief on that matter. After the Vandy win, Spurrier went off on how bad of a team he had and how they are surprised they have won any games. If I am a player on the Gamecock team I would not want to play for a guy who constantly thinks we are bad. Yes, they have not been a good team for most of the year, but you still have to build guys up when they do have some good moments. I think it is only a matter of time until this team quits on Spurrier, and when it happens it will not be pretty. Here are his full comments.



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  1. Mista you don’t know what your talking about if you think Gurley is better than Hershel. Hershel was much stronger physically, and had world class speed. Gurleys a great back… but only Bo was close to Hershel.

  2. very sorry.. you’re correct! By the way, I agree on the Spurrier. .

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