Georgia Football: Hutson Mason Due for a Big Day vs. Mizzou, Watts Tiny Dantzler and Other Unpopular Opinion

Hutson Mason has struggled to establish a deep passing connection.  We can agree on that.  But the absence of Todd Gurley does not necessitate deep passing so much as it necessitates more passing.  Accordingly, Mason’s accuracy (he’s completing a higher percentage of passes than Aaron Murray ever did) can still be an asset and his lack of arm strength does not have to be a liability.  If he can get the ball consistently to Michael Bennett and Chris Conley across the middle and Malcolm Mitchell, Isaiah McKenzie and Reggie Davis in space there’s no reason to think he can’t have a big day.  And he’s more than capable of making those types of throws.

Also, I’m not terrified of Missouri—even without Gurley.  This is not last year’s Mizzou team nor is this last year’s Georgia team.  So the “Georgia struggled against Missouri without Gurley last year” narrative is bogus.  The loss of Gurley could be crippling if this team lets it be crippling on a large-scale level, and if that’s the case every game is a potential loss.  But I don’t think that is the case.  Neither does Watts “Tiny” Dantzler.

If Georgia wins this game everything is still very much up for grabs in the SEC East for the Dawgs.  Perhaps more importantly, it would be the best win of the season for Georgia.  The Clemson victory at home against a team that tuned out to be less than inspiring won’t hold its own relative to a road win in a crucial divisional situation without Gurley.


Enjoy the game. Go Dawgs.


That’s all I got/




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  1. I agree, If we win this will be huge for the program to help with the rest of the season onto the next year.

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