How Selfish is Todd Gurley? Breaking Down His Suspension

NCAA Sucks 

I think we can all agree that we are fed up with the NCAA and all of their BS suspensions. Every single season some key player with Heisman hopes is involved in some form of investigation that hurts not only their reputation, but their Heisman hopes as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful suspensions over the past few years:

  • AJ Green 2010 Season: Green sold his treasured Independence Bowl jersey to an “agent like person” for 1,000 dollars. He was suspended four games and had to repay the $1,000 dollars to a charity. I had a pretty huge problem with this because it was his personal property, and the guy he sold it to had not represented a single athlete in the NFL to that point. BS Meter: High
  • Terrelle Pryor May 2011: Pryor had already been suspended before the Sugar Bowl game for getting free tattoos, but this is what lead to Pryor’s departure from the University: It was reported that he signed memorabilia for boosters and received thousands of dollars for signing it. Pryor deserved to be punished because of his multiple infractions, so I have a hard time disagreeing with the NCAA’s ruling on this matter. BS Meter: Low.
  • Johnny Manzeil 2013 Season: John “tackle” Football had his eligibility come in question when pictures surfaced of him signing autographs in a creepy hotel room. The big bad NCAA came in and cut a deal with A&M that would suspend him for TWO WHOLE QUARTERS for the RICE game. You have photo evidence of him signing autographs and you suspend this man two quarters??? BS Meter: High because of how little they actually did.
  • Scam Newton 2010: This one and done star got accused of asking for money for him to come and play for their team after his year at JUCO. Miss State claimed they offered $150,000, but clearly Auburn must have offered more. Auburn claimed that Cam had nothing to do with these transactions, and that Cam’s father Cecil was doing all of this without his son knowing. Yeah I guess it would make sense that a son doesn’t talk to his father about where he might go to school. BS Meter: Too High.. Cam should give back the Heisman.

Rules Are Rules

I love watching Todd Gurley play, and believe that a player like him only comes around every decade or so, but I have an issue with the current allegations he is being accused of. If all of the reports are true, and he did sell his signature for $400 then I have to ask, how can he be so selfish? I do not agree with the fact that college athletes cannot make money off of their own name, but until that rule is revoked it must be followed.

Gurley knows the rules, and he knew that he should not take the money (all allegedly) so why did he feel like he could get away with it. If these allegations are true then I just want to know if he thought about the repercussions that might effect his team going forward. A team that without #3 is not a very good one. I hope that the NCAA dissolves so players can get paid and profit off of their name, but sadly until then you must follow the rules. Either follow the rules or do a better job of cheating! Hopefully when the NCAA gets done with their investigation, Gurley can get back to running the ball in the red and black and put this all behind him.


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