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Photo courtesy of ESPN

Photo courtesy of ESPN

Where Will Todd Gurley Be Drafted?

I’m assuming that no one reading this is actually delusional enough to think that Todd Gurley will stick around for his senior season, so it’s worth asking, “Where will Todd Gurley get drafted?” Mel Kiper has Todd listed as the #9 player in the upcoming draft; Todd McShay has him at #8. Keep in mind that they’re not necessarily saying he’s the eighth or ninth best player in college right now, but that his NFL worth is eighth or ninth. Now, it’s impossible to predict where players will really go until the NFL season is over and the draft order is released, but I could certainly see Gurley going in the first five picks. He’s one of the best running backs to come out of college since the 1980s, and there are a ton of teams that would love to have him and would move up to make sure they got him.

Kiper’s top prospects here.

McShay’s top prospects here.


Q & A With Missouri Insider

Seth Emerson of the Macon Telegraph was able to ask the Missouri beat writer some questions about Saturday’s matchup, and he had some pretty interesting things to say.

Interview here.


The Wild Dawg

Since the Troy game, Georgia has been running the Wildcat, or Wild Dawg in UGA’s case, a good bit, and it’s been pretty successful. Sony Michel was running it until he got injured, and now Todd Gurley has taken the reigns.

Although Todd mostly ran the ball while in the Wild Dawg, there was this little wrinkle:

I think the Wildcat is a very interesting formation, and I expect the Bulldogs to give Missouri a good dose of it. Even though teams know the running back is likely running the ball, they still have such a hard time stopping it. Against South Carolina, Kentucky stayed in this formation almost the entire fourth quarter, and won the game because of it:

Wildcat starts at 2:20


Marc Weiszer of Dog Bytes has more on the Wild Dawg here.


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