Georgia Football: I’m Sorry for Doubting Gurley, Jeb Blazevich: My New Favorite Dawg, Inside Georgia Football Video – Daily Dose of Dawg

Jeb Blazevich - Photo courtesy of the Ledger Enquirer

Jeb Blazevich – Photo courtesy of the Ledger Enquirer

I’m Sorry, Todd

I have to apologize for doubting Todd when I wrote the article, “Todd Gurley Has No Shot at the Heisman or Herschel’s Record, and Richt is to Blame.” My reasoning behind my statement had nothing to do with Todd not having the talent to win it, but because of the fact that I didn’t think he’d be given enough carries. Well, he hasn’t been given as many as the other premier backs in America, but I forgot to take into account that Todd Gurley isn’t human. Even without a ton of carries he’s still found a way to pick up 773 yards and 8 touchdowns. Now I’m not saying Todd will the Heisman for sure, but you’d be crazy not to have him as your frontrunner right now. He’s one of the only candidates that hasn’t played a bad game yet, and he has certainly been the most impressive. Barring an injury, Todd will be in New York City come December, and if he’s able to keep doing what he’s been doing, he’ll be returning from the trip with a nice piece of hardware.

USA Today on who leads for the Heisman here.

Tuesday Player Interviews

Yesterday, a few players met with the media for their weekly interviews, and Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated has you covered:

**Side note: Jeb Blazevich is one of the most humble and likeable players I’ve ever talked to. You immediately get the sense that this guy “gets it” and that there will never be any issues with him. He’s come in this year as a freshman and worked his tail off to become the starting tight end. With some of the idiots that have come (and gone) into this program as of late, it’s nice to have a guy like Jeb who you know will give his all and conduct himself in a responsible manner.


Inside Georgia Football With Mark Richt: Episode 7 released it’s weekly football show with player interviews, Richt’s thoughts on the game, and game highlights. If you’re at the office in that mid-week slump, and you want to get your daily fix of Bulldog football, I’d check it out.

Video here.


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