Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Vanderbilt Edition

I wrote the intro to last week’s NFL picks on the heels of watching Oregon get knocked off last Thursday night, and I reiterated that in college football, outside of Georgia games, I cheer for absolute chaos. This weekend delivered in spades.

But in Athens, it was business as usual. On a macro level, we got to beat the hell out of Vandy again (17 of the last 19), and even the manner of the #BEATEMDOWN felt familiar. Gone was the uppity Vanderbilt of recent memory, replaced by the lovable doormat that we’ve grown to know so well. On a micro level, it seems the answer Andrew’s post was a resounding Todd Gurley. I know we all keep waiting for the passing game to develop, but while we wait for more growth (and there were a good deal on Saturday), it’s pretty nice having the best running back in the nation to watch in the meantime.

The Good:

– “And he can pass.” Four simple words by Jeb Blazevich (still my favorite freshman), but he said a mouthful. After beating the Vols last week, I bemoaned the fact that each week, I run out of ways to tell you how good Todd Gurley is at this here football thing. As always, the numbers are impressive (25 carries, 163 yards, 2 TDs, 1/1 passing, 50 yards), but I’d invite anyone to debate how damn easy he makes it look. From running through people, to jumping over others, it all looks so natural for him. Oh, and he can pass.

– Speaking of ham-fisted transitions, I liked what I saw out of the passing attack. I know, the Ramsey truthers were emboldened by his early appearance, but I’m inspired by what I saw out of the aerial attack. The return of Malcolm Mitchell was immediately noticeable, opening up passing lanes in even limited action. Just having him back on the field paid off in the final stat line, but even moreso in the way Mason was carrying himself. Yeah, the pick happened, but he looked more relaxed and confident to me out there.

– Loved the work out of the defense, as the momentum of the attacking style against Tennessee carried forward against the ‘Dores. They kept the running game under 4 yards per rush, and looked strong against the pass, no matter who’s little brother was under center. Glad to see the dominance continue, and it’s really a joy to watch a young defense get better and better as they learn the intricacies of the new scheme.

The Bad:

– As much as I applaud the return of Hutson Mason’s confidence, that’s two weeks in a row with really bad interceptions. After opening the season mistake free, it’s disheartening to see this regression, and I hope that the return of more weapons will cut into these ill thrown picks.

– Loved the Bowman pick for a touchdown, but call me greedy: I want MORE. The defense looked stout against the pass this week, but we’re going to need the defensive backfield to convert forced mistakes into turnovers and turnovers into points if we want to win games against better competition.

The Ugly:

– We’re getting extra points blocked now? Clean it up UGA Special Teams.

Now, the heart of the schedule begins with four straight games away from Athens coming up. After all the upsets across the nation this week, we’ve got to stay focused against an uneven Missouri team in the Other Columbia. The running game has to keep being the running game, the defense has to keep getting better, and the passing game has to use the new weapons to their fullest advantage. I believe we can win this, but I also acknowledge that we can play poorly enough to lose this. Above all else, let’s trust in Todd Gurley. It’s been a pretty good plan so far.

Go Dawgs.

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